Tuesday, April 2, 2019


繼續努力將我啲IG post, post 喺度先。 剛剛這個星期日 我哋在茶。家搞了個街頭派對領養日,其實我真係唔係一個搞活動嘅人 但總係有時會唔小心成為咗搞手,好彩有好多好多好朋友嚟同埋幫手❤️🥰 我仲印咗之前畫嘅動物畫做貼紙做慈善籌款 佢哋每一隻都有好感動嘅故事㗎 (they’re all on my Instagram hahahaha) https://instagram.com/maoshanconnie/ Never in my life do I ever wanna organise any events, (I’m not that type of people 🥳)but sometimes I find myself in that position even though it’s just our routine adoption days. (Which was a street partaaaay)

And there’s the stress of crazy weather which we almost had to call it off, but SO MANY OF OUR FRIENDS SAID THEY WERE GONNA COME, say hi and support, I was so touched 😭😭😭 really sad I barely get to chat with them much, I hope they’ll forgive me! And we won’t forget all of those who brought stuff n donated! . It was most joyful to see the LAP family coming together. Ex adopters, new adopters, dedicated volunteers and fosters!!!!many supporting from centre too! It was so filled with love! Adopted on Sunday : 1. MALINOIS TANSY 2. Bichon taco 3. Bichon Teddy 4. King Charles spaniel tender 5. Bichon vito Adopted from the centre today 6. Poodle victor 7. 10 years old spot 8. Mixed breed velvet Huge thanks for @teakha and @mountzerobooks for the best masala chai in town and best community street spaces! Please wish them all a happily ever after ❤️