Friday, March 26, 2010

Sun. shine. on. me (5/infinity : )

讓那蝸牛遊行遊進櫃裏 天鵝湖移民小杯裏 搬到這裏 陪我們定居 
Maoshan will be secretly going back to Hong Kong next week, but as mentioned, secretly. dun want everyone to know, so ma fan. Maoshan will have an artjamming birthday party, people need to dress up as colourful as possible. and we will have many small canvas, and everyone needs to paint something for me and with a HUGE cake, (i already called Jerry) The person who wears MOST COLOURFULLY gets a PRIZE! 二十三歲的今天﹣為世界添色彩!!! that could be a Ms. HK slogan. In my LPC application i said about wanting the world to be more colourful (in terms of fashion) - to john green in my interview
I haven't had a huge cake for ages. probably i can pay for the party and have a wish list, i want: hand made card, white flower, bear, stuffed animal, love, love, fun, children's book, fun time; play me a song. 

People who are allowed to the party include:
Jaci| my special guest | Rachel (whom I wanna meet with WWS immediately in Sift); Nick Chan | vb | Wai Sum - who has disappeared, and I am ultra annoyed | Joyce Lee (my little love, a siu mui mui from St. Stephen's) | Niki (my little sunshine, another siu mui mui from St. Stephen's) | Man Ki and Steve (two other little kids)
- will continue add on to the list - 
Desiree Wong Yan is not on this list because she never failed to 甩底
Others like Holing, Michelle and Mattchiu are welcomed to the magic community under the big red mushroom virtually. Too bad you are not here, seriously, i wish nei dei are here! 

I will be living in Happy valley starbugs with my dissertation together with vb, come visit me
紅色屋頂 經已在你面前 靜靜懸掛著 讓你那小鹿避雨 休班天使下凡 
也可請他進內用晚餐 陪著你 陪著我 平靜過 全日最安定時間 

人生誰說一定只是藍 看你從那條門縫著眼  幸福 著色 完全隨你揀 
讓那珊瑚同床陪你睡去 彩虹長年橫跨房裏 
 這個世界 大概總有誰 能容納沒處去的怪人 
 撐著屋頂 守下去

Monday, March 22, 2010

Can it be true?

I realized there are a lot of places which I travel to these days that I dun reli like (esp. bigger cities :S). It's rare to be able to find a place that you really like.
The hills of Lausanne is really close to that! It feels like being in Naoshima - waiting for buses in the beautiful nature for above 45 minutes... and the hills and seas. except i like the tall snowy mountains around Lake Geneva even more.

I was really quite annoyed with Paris yesterday, really wanted to leave sooner - the endless walking, and the overflowing amount of tourists. after all, it's like my 6th time there. enough. yet i desperately want another crepe before I go back to Great Britain......
I love Lausanne, especially this place i am living, no more smelly, no more room sharing, no more pubs downstairs. 

only a room all my own, with balcony, with lake geneva, with pine trees, birds, wooden everything, own bathroom, free wifi, and most important of all - two beautiful cats. I feel like I can spend a long long time here. Europe is so great

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Japanese architecture is really one of a kind, its ambition and achievement, simplicity and relationship with the wider context, so different from western architecture. 
I mean just even look at their architects! 
Careful thinkers vs. full-of-themselves
I'm sorry. I am sure they are all good.... 
Who doesn't love their work?
(left) SANAA, Ryue Nishizawa & Sejima (L); (right) Masterrr Tadao Ando

And of course we also have our western masters : Zaha Hadid + Rem Koolhaas

喂喂心 says: (9:27:32 AM)一個似迪士尼啲妖婦
喂喂心 says: (9:27:50 AM)一個似偏激固執老頭, terrible -_-" 相由心生

Maoshan says: (9:28:26 AM)how about sejima, how about ando?!?!? lol
喂喂心 says: (9:29:38 AM)佢地幅相好無印 -.-
日式簡約和諧 苦學成才樣

Remaining's yours to judge

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Travel - reality and wish

In March, will be travelling to Manchester. 
18th March - Paris - meet with Seizo Tashima, his wife and assistant - and visit his exhibition; with Debs - first two days; meet with Diana; will wanna travel to suburb, with nice open view and relaxing cafes
Bologna - The world's largest annual children's book fair - which Seizo will be participating too
Lausanne - European beauty, visit SANAA newest building, hope my friends here will join. (to be confirmed) Really quite wanna go to Lausanne though. 
 Always quite wanted to go to Saint-Emilion?Provence? Was always on my wishlist? Maybe WWOOF for a short while? But just wanna relax, find a reli relaxing place at either Lausanne or Provence, with bathtub and starlight... to JUST ....... enjoy nature and serenity. 

Chihiro Museum, Japan 
Revisit - Crayon House, Omotesando, Japan
Revisit - Kanazawa
Revisit - Chichu Museum, Naoshima, Japan (Tadao Ando) 
Revisit - Sushi at 梅丘 will i die from nostalgia, i will i know i will..... 
Museum of Literature, (Tadao Ando), Himeji
Revisit - Shinjuku d sushi, ramen, crab
Revisit - Hokkaido lavender field and music box house
Sendai Mediatheque - Toyo Ito 
Moriyama House - SANAA
A children's museum in Hiroshima
simple things like walking in 吉祥寺,自由の丘, 六本木...... 
Lisson Gallery, London