Monday, March 22, 2010

Can it be true?

I realized there are a lot of places which I travel to these days that I dun reli like (esp. bigger cities :S). It's rare to be able to find a place that you really like.
The hills of Lausanne is really close to that! It feels like being in Naoshima - waiting for buses in the beautiful nature for above 45 minutes... and the hills and seas. except i like the tall snowy mountains around Lake Geneva even more.

I was really quite annoyed with Paris yesterday, really wanted to leave sooner - the endless walking, and the overflowing amount of tourists. after all, it's like my 6th time there. enough. yet i desperately want another crepe before I go back to Great Britain......
I love Lausanne, especially this place i am living, no more smelly, no more room sharing, no more pubs downstairs. 

only a room all my own, with balcony, with lake geneva, with pine trees, birds, wooden everything, own bathroom, free wifi, and most important of all - two beautiful cats. I feel like I can spend a long long time here. Europe is so great

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