Monday, January 31, 2011

misty rose

嘩今日tsumori chisato にたくさん面白いと綺麗の服を見ました!(見到好多靚衫呀) 一定要再去呀
今日講了一個好切合主題的故事給小朋友聽。今日仲搞掂晒四月的假期,好感動呀,因為之前覺得要take 咁多leave 有點唔好意思,但係佢地十分之好,仲主動提議我take多日,令到我的行程順暢點。
無端端好eventful, 好tired 呀....

Sunday, January 30, 2011

secret gardens

chatted on the phone till 4 last night, so sleepy now :P
met tso jei jei today, and we went to liger, it's so great how these upstairs places with little courtyard in the back is totally like a secret garden away from the overflowing causeway bay. chose a pretty johanna ho top and a jumpsuit! and some mysterious stuff.....
painted something this morning, and just came back from jogging, it's so great to have this urge to jog, i used to think jogging is mysterious, but now I can feel that I can do a little better each time - so satisfying! Never imagined that it's possible, just started healthy life plan again for two weeks...
Hmm, then we went to Happy Valley : ) We both loved this place very much, loved hearing her Happy Valley stories too, we walked pass a place with claypot rice, aww, how much we wish we could have it together... but can't tonight. So we went visit Potato at the Three Dog Bakery, she gave me some fresh baked dog cookies, and we tried some too!!!! omg, first time having dog food, but it tasted great :P
even though sleepy, but many small things added up to a great day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

miss the days at toast

toast 前幾天搬屋了,很想念安和里那安靜的日子, 從jerry的相片中看到我生日那幅畫,一定要快點去拿回了!這個秋天,每個星期我們都說想去畫畫,卻一直只有說,沒有做,新studio於中環,還有向着綠樹的大陽台呢!artjamming 的冬天,充滿回憶。
miss those days at toast, when the sky slowly turns dark, the dim yellow light in the cosy attic, at that moment, I feel like we should listen to Joanna Wang's version of Vincent, starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


aiyaa, the tuesday babies are so cute. love that this class only has three kids, nowadays we spend the first part of the class sitting around the polka dot wall, where they will listen to a story related to the art piece we make that class. These few week they are doing a 團年飯/Hotpot/Chinese New Year painting, with a movable round desk in the middle. We are just drawing the food today. Told them one of my favourite story, Interesting how kids of this age feels so fascinated by such stories, even though the story line might seem a little complicated. This seems to have fulfilled one of the goal I have thought of long ago, even though I didn't have this in mind earlier on. when we learn how to draw, they also contributed, qoolooqooloo is how christopher taught the other kids drawing - instant noodle.
tennis again tomorrow yeah!
random photoshopping.. lol

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tranquil evening

Even though I don't feel as TGIF as many do, cuz I still have to work early tomorrow morning, but Friday is still good as I have an afternoon without work ;) Restarted my very healthy life, did core exercise and yoga this afternoon after treating myself the really great das gute bread lunch and ferry trip, spent evening by the sea with mui mui the dog listening to great music, reading nihon ehon, watching the sea and eating homemade congee. Maybe we will start a painting now.
cats x tsumori chisato is too cute. too cute

Sunday, January 16, 2011


my toys room in Canada
剛剛去了睇樓,在我家上面55/F的penthouse,因為八座是最高層數和單邊的一座,所以單位有三百六十度靚景,是我看過的其中一個最靚的penthouse 格式。最好的卻是那樓底,十分十分之高的樓底和很多的露台及大天台。當日2004年呢個單位只係二十五百萬, 今日就要七千萬, 其實香港來說都唔算好貴,不過依然令人覺得好香港樓市好din.呢個單位個工人房有兩面落地玻璃,仲大過我間房.....
睇樓可以算是一個hobby 嗎? 自小已搬了不下二十次屋, 在加拿大時常常常常看, 那地產經紀跟我們是挺諗熟的, 我還會去他女兒的生日會。那時常跟小明哥哥他們去看屋,多數屋我都力說不好,有些太大,有些門前的樹太高很陰深,有一間在West Vancouver 的百幾年老有個舊屋主的船舵,在Coquitlum有一間屋裏面有lift 的。一次睇downtown 的,那經紀跟我們跟到機場去,那一次也是挺喜歡的. 後來過了兩年後終於選好了,用了一年來design and build,那段日子architect 常常來我家跟我爸爸相談,他office 有盒很靚的顏色筆(為什麼我讀archi時沒有?) 想找張相給這篇blog,偶遇家中的old photo album,也是很讚的,爸媽以前去了很多很多奇異地方旅行,那些相挺好看。

Saturday, January 15, 2011

time to paint

今天在小巴上看到妹妹(狗)跟爺爺散步,落車後跑返上山找她,真是可愛的肥狗.晚上獨留家中,又凍了,但凍也好呀, 家中從日落到現在都很寧靜,天空由紅變紫變灰藍,現在漆黑一片的海上有很多小船經過,手冷得冰了。在聽BBC Radio-令我勁掛住英國, Edinburgh & London. Oh no! BA is doing promotion! 行きたい!みなさんは、いきたいですか?冬天吃湯感覺很暖暖。近日努力摺,要過健康點的生活。今天早上在温暖的太陽中跟小朋友看Eric Carle的故事。很喜歡平日每天早上都要坐船 : )

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


天氣寒冷,呼吸出來的空氣有煙(霧?) 我在家一定要開暖氣,我不明白這種天氣怎能不開暖氣,當然也要開打霧機,不停打出水蒸氣,補充空氣中的水份.hedgy bebe+blackie bebe 看來也挺開心的,寒冷的天氣中在我們暖暖的小房裏,海上閃着小燈,十分安靜. 剛重看了一次Joey Perfect Ten Documentary, 很好看,祖兒真是一個很努力和很可愛的人,阿詩就係好型同把聲好好聽的.係喎,從來鍾意祖兒都唔係超級偏愛佢把聲,但佢唱歌好有感情,個人又好努力. 天寒地凍的日子,令人想起歐洲, 現在要做功課了。其實外面真是很冷,想起二年級那爛屋,把暖爐放在身旁但四處漏風,到街角買外賣的日子!舊相一張,暖暖hedgehog

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

white truffle honey latte

點可能咁好看.點可能咁好看.點可能咁好看. 其實經常睇完一本書或電影都會有此感覺,總覺得係因為我唔係成日睇,又或者係因為easily amused la? 看書給人太多inspirations令我很想畫畫,很想寫字,很想很多東西, 原本repetitive 的生活突然間好像有了衝擊。當然令我很想很想倫敦,也很想study aboard 的生活.書-拿起了便放不下, 我不明白為什麼有些人能夠每晚看一個chapter,怎麼可能,我總是想,怎麼可能,不可能吧。所以我半天便把一本書看完。還有一本,先忍一忍,做點別的事情,一會兒或明天才看吧。我說過今天要畫畫,畫什麼都好,就是要畫,但卻把所有時間都花在看書上,怎麼可能.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


很享受拿着paintbrush, paintbrush 跟紙接觸的感覺,尤其是近日的工作,肯定或多或少改變了我跟畫畫的關係。今日晚飯畫斑馬同獅子畫得好開心。
今日終於寫揮春,去跑馬地探薯仔,用十八蚊買齊了墨水,畫筆同紙,然後即刻o係cafe 畫。
空氣中彌漫着不可思議的感覺,有d野錯左。有d 野從來都唔屬於.咁邊樣先屬於,今日Diana 問我,我唔識答,好可怕,好難接受。更加令我近日會唔想見咁多人,今日一早起左身,呢種感覺,係因為今日累,定係有野諗唔通呢?我真係諗唔通.有無人幫到我?揮春+路邊關門的報紙檔-送多張靚相俾大家.呀,掛住十二月間酒店,太舒服,好快又想再去

Sunday, January 2, 2011

la petite creperie

今天的macaron會閃閃發亮,為什麼呢?海邊的藍門旁有citron crepe。傳統法國菜Raclette 你吃過麼? 誇年的數天,就只有數天,在這樣的環境過,只有數天,值得吧。當然我也有去找回那Carriere Freres Industrie的木味,但不是firewood對吧。
2011, make it a great year.