Saturday, October 30, 2010



There's a Halloween book I used to really like to read when I was in Canada. It's halloween again soon, you probably remember my cool costume from last year! :P
There will be Halloween parade at Bel-Air tonight, I think it's the coolest among all activities here at where I live, all the kids would dress up for trick or treat around the estate, and get many many candies.  pumpkin around the lawn would be lit with candles! 

Gonna go get a big pumpkin now - and carve a jack-o-lantern, you're welcome to come join choi sz and me for pumpkin carving or trick or treat. purely kids activity if you're interested - not adult style party :P
had a nice morning walk with soya milk and kitty : ) 
Halloween Goblin Parade: 6 pm - 10 pm, at Bay Wing Clubhouse Lawn

Thursday, October 28, 2010

damask rose

看來明天還是帶空氣蘋果機出街好。沒看過這個exhibition的人會不會以為這是一個大蛋糕放在白色桌子上呢?In fact, it's a 1:1 ispahan on a 1:3 table set : ) 
いい天気ですよ。今日朝、学校へいきました、それから、Happy valley へいて、写真を取りました。楽しかったです。Then took tram back to Wanchai to get the ispahan, it's great that there's tram in HK, such a relaxing speed. remember last year Christmas Eve? We also ended up going to Happy Valley by tram : ) Love to take the tram in winter breeze : ) 
Really wanna write something creative recently, many short-term targets, sleepiness should get out of my way. : ) 
i saw a rainbow yesterday, and i made a wish, will it come true? 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


今日,我地去旅行!好開心呀。呢種天氣令人特別開心。見到好朋友都好開心。雖然個個人都要走,不過佢地都係去做d自已鍾意同埋想做的事,isn't it an encouraging thought? 
Started today with a morning walk from Causeway Bay to Central, then joined Nick to travel to CUHK to visit Ming Wai! yeah! CU is beautiful ah, and we spent a quiet little afternoon in the *architecture studio* :P Beautiful sunny chilly weather! ahhh. 
Met with Tammy jei jei in the evening! Walked from CWB into Happy Valley, even though we haven't seen for a little while, but it still feels enjoyable to talk about everything : ) Like chatting with her on the street outside Yogo, we both love hanging around in Happy Valley. Wish you all the best in Shanghai la!!! Why is everyone leaving! Hmm? Going to miss those who are not in Hong Kong ah! 
P.S. Today was like a little escape from normal routine and tasks, the change of weather, and itinerary was very refreshing. closer to nature. closer to dream
there are some things i dun understand......

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Elaine missed class this morning, there are always a lot of interesting people we meet in these short courses. then went back to exhibition, a fun fun afternoon full of visitors. first we have some cute secondary sch students, then we have nick, who was extremely eager in challenging the *people-counter* record :P
crazy people desu nee. Then we have ah King, went to HKU with him for dinner, very interesting as well. I always enjoy meeting people from different background and context, and you'd always think wa, this person is so cute, some are like smile-smile-smile people; some are smart and charming etc. etc. 
receiving post-card; or anything by mail is too happy. let me make some too! 
when the autumn wind blows, people are so happy; when the winter wind blows, people are even happier. autumn wind, like jaci dear's name 載颸 - 載住秋天的風 cool breeze of autumn


i slept at around 8 pm last night for around 11 hours, and hv headache now........ looking forward to some small things. and the weather is beautiful. don't know why even though the same amount of things happens in winter and summer, but winter is a lot more sentimental and full of memories of the past winters. cold weather is my favourite. 
seems to have used this picture in my blog for too many times :P 

Monday, October 25, 2010

autumn aqua mead

This Sunday was a good and extremely eventful sunday : ) Like most of my days, 80% of the activities were unplanned, and all turned out better than I imagined. 
Hope the ending won't make this day became a day of bad memory. Started with nice "breakfast" in Central - with the view of pretty trees and little white buildings outside popbites, walked pass joyful birthday party at IFC, then participated a thought-stimulating workshop, followed by a fulfilling tea+ dinner at Inter-Continental, it's always nice with Kitty, relaxing and natural. and then drinks at Aqua - with javian, natalie, lylon, jacky and akie - full of crazy mo liu conversation as usual. Plus, a visit onto the ambulance - which shouldn't be a highlight. Hope you are ok now! really!!!! and must visit the doctor asap!  a little worried which woke me up totally..... you know what I mean? One photo is not good enough for such an eventful day. So awake now even though I really should sleep. 
Extremely extremely missing yoga & pilates. I still have quite a little money in various yoga places - i should seriously go more often! Is Eat, Pray, Love good? 
aqua + mead. 有意思

Saturday, October 23, 2010

white truffle

can one sense a person's feelings through a still photograph? or, can a photo capture emotions? second weekend this month where both of the lawns and the restaurants in repulse bay were closed for weddings. one of them is a japanese wedding today. i dun especially like beaches, but it felt quite good there, probably cuz there weren't lots of people, and it's not very hot.. this book i was reading, the last time i read it was on the way to London Highgate Cemetery... 
at repulse bay ice cream no mori, their signature flavour is french lobster : ) 
what do you know about ______ ? really. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

megi moonlight

see, that's the sky taken on my way home this evening, on a typhoon signal no. 3 to 1 night, beautiful sky yea?
Tried the new ramen place in IFC this evening. The interior feels very different from outside, nice view as well. Reminds me of a restaurant at Nagoya where I had kyoto tofu cuisine - one of my favourite japanese cuisine... ah miss it SO much..... is there ANY kyoto tofu meals in Hong Kong? 
had a nice home lunch and serene afternoon, it's great to have company doing some quiet stuff in the autumn breeze. : ) 
walked a long way after dinner with wai sum. 


Hmm, sometimes people ask me why I could blog everyday, I find it quite a natural thing to do, probably cause I've been writing diary since primary school? Writing stories and poetries was one of the daily activities in elementary schools in Canada, we also had to make board games and crafts related to the monthly learning themes.
It's always windy at the bus stop near my home, at night, I'm often the only person alighting there, most people on 69X, 970 actually doesn't live near here. It's quite interesting walking home in the dark windy and rainy night, a wide road with no one around, and then u see the fluorescent lamp lit bus and the lonely bus driver driving away.... thought of cat bus
miss london. met friends today. made mochi today : ) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


if you are asking for my opinion, i think that the Megi fish should stay forever. sent my japanese friend an email written completely in japanese today and got a reply already : ) :P
tomorrow is going to be a very long day...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


中學時,無論小息定係放學之後都鍾意圍住East Wing/ West Wing 一面行路一面溫書。總覺得書應該在室外溫的,因為多d oxygen同一面行路會唔眼瞓。要溫書的時候,距離好似特別短,由ifc 到hku,轉眼就到,今日行羅便臣道唔行堅道,有時見到小貓。

"a person who walks the city in order to experience it" 



a.i.n.y although i need you
I didn't like to listen to sad songs in the past few years, and yes, wow, HK songs are really too emotional, negative-vibes-triggering... ! Even though d lyrics is actually very .... 到lor.........  I thought I am already very healed ! ha. ok, enough said for this part. wanna go to some beautiful countryside sometimes, ho ng ho ah? 
This evening timing was quite good, dropped by a-link, then walked into Happy valley in pleasant autumn breeze, had dinner at the char siu shop, quite fun, al fresco dining, and then dropped by wasakuraya, but realized that happy valley yogo is better, we sat on sing woo road - road side and chat for a long time, very comfortable, you know what, there's TARO flavour frozen yoghurt tonight, so exciting! 
Saw many family drove by and bought many cups of yogo back home, so sweet. this mao mao, look a little unhappy with her eyes dropping on the edge, dunno if it works if i give her a little hug? :P
i am falling in love with happy valley, or do i just easily fall in love? 

Saturday, October 16, 2010


有些歌有些故事性有點可愛。今天早上行了一個多小時綠蔭海旁小山丘的路,都在家附近,沙宣道沙灣徑一帶有點像外國的,頗得意。小時候常常沿住Burnaby Road附近散步,都是彎曲小路,有比我高的向日癸。好乖,每日都應該行多d路,現在溫緊書,溫得太慢,要快d,一陣可能去HV : ) 未知,可能見舊朋友,其實我仲有好多野要做,但記住要一樣一樣專心做,唔應該將寶貴的時間精神花在擔心上。我都想去旅行,坐飛機,真開心... 幾時去呢?Where to go tonight? Really? Tonight? I miss Switzerland/Lausanne Lakeside, my yet-to-be-eaten-fondue and the children library wrapped in bamboo forest in Himeji.... a little tired, a little worried, undeniably. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

autumn prairie

Oh my dad secretly bought me an iphone4 ;) lol
Tomorrow, Happy Valley, also need to spend sometime exercising! Always left that out when busy with work, a very very wrong attitude, at least take a long long walk, maybe around Cyberport Road, Sassoon Road and Sha Wan Drive? Too bad Choi Sz thinks it's too tiring, but walking alone could be a nice time to breathe, relax my mind and organize my thoughts, autumn is approaching, can resume a lot of walking : ) 
Oh yes, we amended our plan - we will walk up to Wah Fu for breakfast instead yeah!!!
revert to simple joys, simple autumn : ) 
And on the issue discussed above, another friend was right, you can't say that he's not just "using" me to know more about the person he wants to know more about...... sigh, so it's a dilemma, because he's my friend, but he's potentially just being friends with me only mainly cause he wants to know more about another person, and it's ok, cuz as a friend, I would love to be supportive, but maybe my degree of tolerance has a lot more space to improve...


sometimes you just have to say wow, on the amount of information one receive everyday. relationship doctor, yes, i guess everyone is a relationship doctor for their friends... luckily I have a blog, cause I can't tell those related people the details, even though I can't actually write the details here too.
seems like every late night has ended up been spent on listening to people's complicated, unsolvable relationship problem, and yes, unsolvable... I always come to one conclusion when listening to their stories, from the past years to now, that the angry sad lovers are usually just too blinded and unlogical when it comes to love, even when they are normally not too stupid, but in love they just become some really stupid people that keeps 搵自己笨, allow themselves to be rejected everyday, believing that there are chances blindly; that they were mistreated; that it was unfair; attempt to take revenge, keep thinking about a certain detail that occurred between them repeatedly, focusing on the negative, being indecisive, keep going back and forth between more than a lover and end up losing both. wow. overwhelming. there are times, when it's better to be 決絶 really. if you really ended up winning that person heart after n years of hard work and effort, really, s/he probably isn't worth your love, the world is a lot wider than we think. 

being sad in love related scenarios is very understandable, after all it's a person you care a lot, but not forever....  learn to 放開 - so important 
go get a pudding from wasakuraya tomorrow, enjoy some lovely time with yourself. visit omoshiroii Happy valley

Thursday, October 14, 2010

simple joys

I really always wonder who actually reads my blog, currently doing a new research project on the public space, pedestrian pattern and street life of lower Happy Valley, apart from that, also going to have to prepare for the upcoming Japanese test. working at A-link Nakayama's show, met Elliot for lunch and concert the other day, and Kitty for dinner at Habitu Garden, and Ken the urban planner. Reading some books about the failure of urban planning in the two freelance job cheque and two new freelance tasks. that basically sums up. 
Going to have to start painting lamps again soon, usually really want to do that when I am busy. Will be selling at November Discovery bay Handmade market. Yup, thought of what somebody said about somebody else...... there's really nothing that's impossible, all depends on your planning of time and determination. So, let me get back to work + reading first, then sleep early tonight. : ) supports welcome! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

the magic moment

enjoyed a nice evening with ming wai after each of our day of work + school. she came visited Nakayama's show, then we picked up the sushi and had them at the office, on couches, and with nice music. talked about magic moments, yes, and this is one of my interested topic, as EVER before, and I will certainly embark on making a website to collect that information from all around the world after finishing my current project. so good to meet tonight, it's just great to be able to chat about random stuff... : ) 
I didn't bring my camera today...... cuz I was holding too many books.... insane isn't it..... 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

hydrangea & balloon flower

lots of flowers appeared in my day. a romantic sunday.
started with our usual sunday morning ponder on where to have breakfast, explored the option of the Verandah, but both restaurants were booked for wedding, a good place to get married outdoor really! white white, beautiful white. 
so we turned to Stanley without much hope. Chose Rocksalt by chance, where Bayside used to be, sat next to the sea, but away from the street, and enjoyed an al fresco egg benedict, very very great, and it's a lot cheaper than our previous selections! 
Good, beautiful blue sea. Flowers flowers everywhere, it's a cloudy day, I love that when you drive along the windy and green roads of Southern District, sunlight sift through the leaves and shine into your car, perfect. anyone wanna try it together sometimes?  
Then we had *meeting* in Happy Valley, then it rained heavily, not it's like a storm outside. and I am waiting for my dinner, and tomorrow will be a busy day. and we need to add oil. 
*Happy Birthday Kitty* 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

maoshan bubble dinosaur

Today, shiawase desu nee,Sat on the street side of Happy Valley for half of the day, and recorded many interesting things, old friends drop by to visit, including Yancy, Cynthia, Phyllis, then had dinner with crazy Echigo Tsumarians! (yes, Nick you are too!) Feels like being in Japan :P ahhh, so happy, now those crazy people are all watching concert! bad bad
Recorded many interesting things while sitting on the street corner of Happy Valley, many things that might not be great in terms of city planning, but normally we would just adapt to it, and think that it's a norm, even when those are basic rights that we should be able to enjoy. E.g. being able to shop safely, cross the road easily, chat with friends in a comfortable environment while doing your morning shopping etc. 
Also recorded a lot of the local shop owner's use of space, that often spills out to the pavement. Work to be continued, looking forward to your support and contribution!
Why so many things, and so many happy things happen everyday? 
わたしわ香港草間彌生じゃいません、bubble dinosaur です

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Door on the Prairie

Today is the opening of Hideyuki Nakayama's exhibition, working with second exhibition since I was back in Hong Kong, every exhibition and it's organizer behind has their own visions, and it's great to be able to help them bring the message to the audience, many times, the audience just find the work too abstract and obscure - beyond their ability to understand, that's why sometimes it's great to have people explaining... and at the same it's a great place to know more people, from very very diverse background brought together by art/architecture. It's so interesting hearing what people do in life.
 Nakayama-san is also a very nice person, he drew me a cute pic on my moleskine! Hong & Joey's hard-work in coordinating the exhibition is also admirable, quite crazy kind of people, I don't do those things even when I study architecture lol. It's always impressive to see people do things that I won't do. Consistent to the title of the work, people all gradually sat on the ground of the exhibition room, and chat like they were having a picnic. 
I still find myself very lucky. 
Continue to work tomorrow la... : ) Come join me. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

art investment

Visited both Sotheby's Fall Auctions & Fine Art Asia - hmm, saw two old mainland Chinese women, picking up the well packed piece which they won in the auction, looking very happy, but also strangely resembles shoppers in Ikea, just that the piece that they were holding might be a few hundred times more expensive... 
such a weird title, picture, and a weird description, doesn't seems to fit in anything in my blog.... 
but art is really a good form of investment... 
and it's also very enjoyable hearing the story of each art pieces and antiques... i actually want to go again.. side note; I must say once more, the HK art museum is really unappealing place to be in... and HKCEC.... could be better

Sunday, October 3, 2010

under acacia

an afternoon under the acacia tree 相思樹下的下午
painting, reading, enjoying the gentle autumn breeze, hearing the distant waves splashing onto the rocks of st stephen's bay, u know what, actually I could seldom sit outdoor or sit anywhere for so long, but picnic is great, because you can sometimes lie down, and sometimes run with bare-feet on the dry dry grass.
Stanley Military Cemetery is indeed a very beautiful cemetery, it sort of connects St. Stephen's College and its preparatory school, best of all, it's quiet, serene, tranquil - even on a Sunday afternoon. the eagles fly pass and cast a big shadow on my colourful picnic mat, was hedgy bebe and blackie bebe a little scared that they would be eaten? painted two sides of the lamp, quite successful : ) ahh.... hmmmm..... lingering lingering..


"魔幻現實尋到相交點" searching for these intersection is one of my biggest hobby. saw a pic taken by lesley this morning, can it be even cuter? I always love lesley's albums, all so beautiful! I guess that's one nice thing about art/photography, we see the world framed and touched up by different people's lens, which ultimately reflect their way of seeing the world.
 Reminds me of two favourite books of mine, favourite, meaning they are always, and still my source of inspirations. filled with magic, fantasy, subtle love, and reality. L'élégance du hérisson, and La Riviere a L'envers. I must say, as much as I don't consciously feel that I have any love towards France and French the language, I am possibly secretly very drawn to it, especially when I read and eat, not to mention un lion a paris or my love for macaroon... lavender... white asparagus, earl grey french blue


nice picnic today, too bad we didn't went earlier, the sky turned dark really quickly, really enjoy picnic with choi sz, let's do it again!
also wanna walk up the peak; also wanna have macaroon, tomorrow maybe? 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

autumn cotton clouds


Friday, October 1, 2010

grapefruit sunset at my favourite playground

Today was actually a very very nice day, enjoyed the autumn breeze, the soft gentle sunlight, the beautiful breakfast with good friends, moon river, the peaceful afternoon in my favourite playground and homelike secondary school, the grapefruits, the beetroots, the fun fun pictures and everything. but dunno why I felt tired and a little unhappy now... what triggered that? 
what's better than reading in autumn breeze? 
and oishii beetroot! 
I m miss backdrop here in this pic :P
long long breakfast, that's how breakfast should be like
Once again pondered on those really stupid questions that I always ponder about... often want to be more independent, but am I not already? maybe what I should learn is to share my feelings and be dependent? But that seems like an act that would lead to annoyance to others.... no conclusion, a very nice dose of nature these two days, but I still need more, maybe I should go on another picnic tomorrow. my fellow hongkongers should be watching hanabi firewor now? 
Has autumn arrived silently? Autumn last year was a revolution, I hope this year would be too. 
p.s. thankz chan sir for helping us get into campus, nowadays they have reli weird rules, and you need to make booking in advance to get in your own school campus....