Friday, October 15, 2010

autumn prairie

Oh my dad secretly bought me an iphone4 ;) lol
Tomorrow, Happy Valley, also need to spend sometime exercising! Always left that out when busy with work, a very very wrong attitude, at least take a long long walk, maybe around Cyberport Road, Sassoon Road and Sha Wan Drive? Too bad Choi Sz thinks it's too tiring, but walking alone could be a nice time to breathe, relax my mind and organize my thoughts, autumn is approaching, can resume a lot of walking : ) 
Oh yes, we amended our plan - we will walk up to Wah Fu for breakfast instead yeah!!!
revert to simple joys, simple autumn : ) 
And on the issue discussed above, another friend was right, you can't say that he's not just "using" me to know more about the person he wants to know more about...... sigh, so it's a dilemma, because he's my friend, but he's potentially just being friends with me only mainly cause he wants to know more about another person, and it's ok, cuz as a friend, I would love to be supportive, but maybe my degree of tolerance has a lot more space to improve...

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