Friday, October 15, 2010


sometimes you just have to say wow, on the amount of information one receive everyday. relationship doctor, yes, i guess everyone is a relationship doctor for their friends... luckily I have a blog, cause I can't tell those related people the details, even though I can't actually write the details here too.
seems like every late night has ended up been spent on listening to people's complicated, unsolvable relationship problem, and yes, unsolvable... I always come to one conclusion when listening to their stories, from the past years to now, that the angry sad lovers are usually just too blinded and unlogical when it comes to love, even when they are normally not too stupid, but in love they just become some really stupid people that keeps 搵自己笨, allow themselves to be rejected everyday, believing that there are chances blindly; that they were mistreated; that it was unfair; attempt to take revenge, keep thinking about a certain detail that occurred between them repeatedly, focusing on the negative, being indecisive, keep going back and forth between more than a lover and end up losing both. wow. overwhelming. there are times, when it's better to be 決絶 really. if you really ended up winning that person heart after n years of hard work and effort, really, s/he probably isn't worth your love, the world is a lot wider than we think. 

being sad in love related scenarios is very understandable, after all it's a person you care a lot, but not forever....  learn to 放開 - so important 
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