Sunday, October 3, 2010


"魔幻現實尋到相交點" searching for these intersection is one of my biggest hobby. saw a pic taken by lesley this morning, can it be even cuter? I always love lesley's albums, all so beautiful! I guess that's one nice thing about art/photography, we see the world framed and touched up by different people's lens, which ultimately reflect their way of seeing the world.
 Reminds me of two favourite books of mine, favourite, meaning they are always, and still my source of inspirations. filled with magic, fantasy, subtle love, and reality. L'élégance du hérisson, and La Riviere a L'envers. I must say, as much as I don't consciously feel that I have any love towards France and French the language, I am possibly secretly very drawn to it, especially when I read and eat, not to mention un lion a paris or my love for macaroon... lavender... white asparagus, earl grey french blue

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