Saturday, October 9, 2010

maoshan bubble dinosaur

Today, shiawase desu nee,Sat on the street side of Happy Valley for half of the day, and recorded many interesting things, old friends drop by to visit, including Yancy, Cynthia, Phyllis, then had dinner with crazy Echigo Tsumarians! (yes, Nick you are too!) Feels like being in Japan :P ahhh, so happy, now those crazy people are all watching concert! bad bad
Recorded many interesting things while sitting on the street corner of Happy Valley, many things that might not be great in terms of city planning, but normally we would just adapt to it, and think that it's a norm, even when those are basic rights that we should be able to enjoy. E.g. being able to shop safely, cross the road easily, chat with friends in a comfortable environment while doing your morning shopping etc. 
Also recorded a lot of the local shop owner's use of space, that often spills out to the pavement. Work to be continued, looking forward to your support and contribution!
Why so many things, and so many happy things happen everyday? 
わたしわ香港草間彌生じゃいません、bubble dinosaur です

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