Sunday, October 3, 2010

under acacia

an afternoon under the acacia tree 相思樹下的下午
painting, reading, enjoying the gentle autumn breeze, hearing the distant waves splashing onto the rocks of st stephen's bay, u know what, actually I could seldom sit outdoor or sit anywhere for so long, but picnic is great, because you can sometimes lie down, and sometimes run with bare-feet on the dry dry grass.
Stanley Military Cemetery is indeed a very beautiful cemetery, it sort of connects St. Stephen's College and its preparatory school, best of all, it's quiet, serene, tranquil - even on a Sunday afternoon. the eagles fly pass and cast a big shadow on my colourful picnic mat, was hedgy bebe and blackie bebe a little scared that they would be eaten? painted two sides of the lamp, quite successful : ) ahh.... hmmmm..... lingering lingering..

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