Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sun. shine. on. me (4/infinity : )

Life's so : ) 
esp when the sun is shining on the green soft grass and the budding flowers all over meadows. 
Have to speed up in model-building

Sun. shine. on. me (3/infinity : )

Visiting artist studio again, we all liked this one a lot, with SO MANY pastels.........
I love the Germany bakery, matthew pointed out it's not called BAKERY, something like Konditioner..... hmm
PRetty sunday, can't wait to go out : )

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brioche, Mao mao love, sunshine

The coming Friday is the infamous interim crit, to have a stress-free crit week, I must start pre-planning my schedule.
The past week was ... very packed
Weekend away, Chinese New Year celebrations x 4, Skiing, Isabel visiting, visited a prettier artist studio in Edinburgh, finished posters for Ellie and her Vice-president campaign. dog walked twice : ) 
CNY @ host family home; Jap dinner + Outsider's; Outsider lunch (HK arch); Tron (post-ski); German Konditorei and Backerei; Glass and Thompson...... Let's welcome pre-easter new healthy plan! 

[On Gallery]
One of my favourite little gallery in Edinburgh accept work submission, one of my c hing lol in Edinburgh draw really pretty line drawings (even my professor's archi firm use his design as the logo) and he sell his art pieces, prints and badges, and postcards there too. 

[Interim Review] 
My recent photo updates has stirred up some random guessing among my coursemates, they always complain about not having to do anything apart from work...... so nowadays, when they see me, they usually ask things like "Are you planning to be an artist?" or.... " Do you go away every weekend?" (My friend randomly flies back to HK or sth sometimes, so we both give off this wrong impression) Nevertheless, we are going to be ging in this interim crit (well at least will try to! shineee) yay! 

[Coming week]
Chinese New Year week = ate out way too much! So let's follow the lent 40 days tradition, and start a real big new healthy plan! MUST! So now I must go out for a jog for some sunshine and fresh air, before I come home again. for the other half of my lunch. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maoshan's not an architect

I have received an architectural compliment today isn't it weird! (if you could call it that)
Today, I walked into tutorial, with my beautiful, all white, minimalist model. and my sketchbook. Before I said anything, my tutor introduced me to the other two guest tutors as "the Sejima of the class!" 

Note: Sejima together with Ryue Nishizawa forms SANAA, my architectural idol! who have designed the Naoshima Marine Port, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum, The Serpentine Pavilion in London etc....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

sun. shine. on. me

This morning, I saw myself in the mirror, and thought, how insignificant I am, among the 6,800,000,000 population in the world, each with their own dreams and uniqueness. But on a second thought, MAYBE.... it's not that bad, because there's only one, single, me, special me. 
There was another special encounter this morning, through a very cute baby, chatted with a beautiful Music Professor at Pyard. Off to Dean Gallery and the Scottish Contemporary Art Gallery now, I don't even know why I am going there, maybe the sunshine the river and the landscape? Hope it'd be nice : ) 
Shall I get you, Issey Miyake? 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Daffodil, lavender, sunshine and lemon

Guilt. This was where my sadness branched from. Even though I have all the reasons to justify my act. 

Most of my group mates worked overnight in the studio, although this is only the first review. totally unnecessary. People always love to exaggerate on workload instead of working efficiently. I see no correlation between the number of working hours and the amount of work produced.
So naturally I didn't join them both last night and this morning, as I find it totally pointless and wasting my youth, (also other reasons, like their lack of punctuality) 
I love the team spirit of working overnight together, complaining etc. but NO. 休想

Note: the photo consists of a lot of sugar, readers are encouraged against physical consumption, enjoy it visually instead. 

Anyways, today would have been one of my prototypical perfect day, apart from the the overhanging cloud casted by the unjustified guilt

Warm sunshine shone on my face all morning, half-conscious at 7 am = my most productive time of the day
Received an email from the Children's book artist's assistant I worked for in Japan, they will write me a reference letter AND will be exhibiting in Paris on 19th March, 2010; (my final crit is on 17th March) meaning I will GO TO PARIS AND MEET THEM! 
SO this morning, there was a baby black labrador outside Peter's yard, waiting for her owner, she (the dog) got so excited during our brief chat , but started leaning on me once calmed down... that's how baby girl dogs are like.

Later on, a very pretty girl, that looked totally French with huge eyes and tall nose started chatting with me, she's German, doing Phd here in Edinburgh on the *History of the Book* lol, she worked in a Children's Publisher for TWO years in Germany before coming there.

Had Bean + potato soup for lunch; Went back to studio, had lecture; viewing the castle at the calming outsider; had Beetroot coleslaw and bread as dinner; then YOGA! yayayayaya YOGA! 

Dissertation, no conclusion. 
sleep early wake early!