Monday, September 26, 2011


When I get to camb., I wanna paint my bike with red and white polka dots! Steve told me he saw people wearing ladybug helmets, Nick said that must be me! Jacky actually thought my name is 毛圓圓,Nick said at least get the surname right, such as 圓毛毛. Had lunch at Cépage, and a nice tennis game. Wonder how life would be like in camb. hope it'd be nice...Getting bike is like a step of building a life in a place, but this is another momentary stopover, still can't resist to build something that is home-like. Kinda wanna build my own long term dwelling place sometimes, end the nomadic life, grow light purple flowers, and paint a bike which I don't have to sell it away after a year or so, display my books on the wall and not have to set them oceans apart, have a studio. I quite like the growing of such desire in me, though slowly. Meanwhile, I miss the trains in Japan.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


distraction required in midst of physical and mental weakness. have been looking forward to leaving these days, for various reasons, though i would miss my home here very much, but i have a longing towards little river and green fields. the opening of apple store was really fun! たしかに i'd miss my nihongo kurasu, painting students and even cuhk's architecture studio :P have found jap classes, yoga and tennis court for my time there though, hopefully can jog and paint too - so not just reading & writing :P have been reading 'The child that books built,' it's amazing how much one could recall from your memory if you were to do so.
my first time to the library in the neighbourhood was during a library class in grade one, it's a single storey concrete building surrounded by low bushes, the children section is in the end, surrounded by windows, and has a sinked space in the middle, it's a story-telling space, children had to put books there after reading. imagine if one night, all fictional characters woke up from their books in the library... it would be so funny, a Midnight in Paris kinda story. who would u fear most? voldemort? who would voldemort fear most? 黃蓉?LOL. At that time, I couldn't read a lot of the words in the novels, there were holes in the text corresponding to the parts I couldn't understand. Words like prophesying, rekindled and adornment had never been spoken in my hearing. No one had ever told me aloud to behold something, but unknown words picked up meaning from the words around them, meanings that worked well enough in context, though usually when I do look up the dictionary, I could be completely wrong.
just wanna have liquid food, making mashed spinach & tiny diced hokkaido pumpkin in clam chowder soupy soupy tonite.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


從麻鷹背上的攝影機,冒生命危險跳進海裏捕魚的人,山區的眼醫,到天葬,聽起來很古怪的一群人。不同的工作/學術背景引起多樣化的議論,有media ethics 的角度,對航空的迷戀,政治的角度,也有......... 研究者與病人含糊不清的bi-polar 人士。整體來說,就是很吵。什麼時候會再見,到時大家會在做什麼?たのしみ, it's such a great night.うるさいが本当に楽しかった。高校から七年になった、その時からLaos/LipaのChildren's Villageへ行ったり、夜までノートをしたり、今までも自分の夢を持って、面白いことをしてる、こんなにおもしろくていい友達があること、幸せと思う。

Thursday, September 22, 2011


昨日、QMへ行った、黃欣さんと昼ご飯を食べた、楽しかった。今日昼ご飯の後、Holingさんのお父さんの事務所へ行った、出張したから、せっかく城市大学へいった、鍵が忘れてしまいました!残念、だから、Department of Social Studiesへ行った。その辺、たくさんソファがあるんです、割と快適な。Holingさんといつでもたくさんを話せる、特に建築や教育など、何でも楽しいに話している!たくさん本を読まなくてはいかない、ちょっと大変...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Sunday, September 18, 2011

: )

Had a nice day selling lamps with Thierry in Discovery Bay, and it felt like a little party, met many old friends, and also made new friends. Thanks everyone for coming to support, it means a lot to me, and to hear that you love the work!
Got all the lamps sold today!! And new orders!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


瘋狂的一週,有很順利,也有很曲折的事,例如攞簽証只是兩天就做好所有程序攞返証件,但攞另一份proof 就搞左好耐(至今)都仲未得。看了很多很多書!過度沉迷想我們的project,睡得不好。見了得意的教授,專程往sz資料搜集!(救命),在海邊的幼稚園跟小孩做立體大獅子和大象;雲南的牌做好了,地圖卻還要等星期一再打電話返大陸。打了好多個長途電話往歐洲和北美,還有兩個朋友想我幫他們畫燈作禮物,等待展覧公司回覆電話。跟不同的人見面,跟很多人說不能見面。還有要準備明天的handmade market。日文老師也會來啊!好不可思議。很享受大部工作但也很想休息一下,只是.... 實在還有很多東西未做/想/讀。希望明天見到你們啊。十至四, 愉景灣。rainbow might not make your dreams come true, but could at least keep you happy all day, it looks so nice in reality

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


寧靜的studio真的很不錯。老師的房間總是充滿書本,多好。還有很漂亮的模型。還有黃色貓和白色貓的燈 : ) 我諗唔係淨係建築師先要見觸思。哈哈。難得的一夜,又再離別在即的一夜。

Sunday, September 11, 2011


看了Midnight in Paris, 打了波。
昨天,看了One Day. 吃了蔗汁糕,看了Backstage Live Restaurant 一個concert
P.S. and between the two movies, I read around 15 academic papers...

Friday, September 9, 2011

: )

love inspiring conversations.
mysterious swap occured? architecture, urban planning, parks, pedestrian, children's literature, classroom, education...
everything is intertwined.
the ending was crazy! 970 is crazy.
one last thing to sort, please please, asap please.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Do we have a choice?
Nomadic. is not just a location choice. but also a social preference.
I know the cure.
Would you look forward to leaving if you were me?
明知我們隔著個太空 仍然將愛慕天天入進信封

Saturday, September 3, 2011



Friday, September 2, 2011


沒有看過任何預告片及海報,只是誰都說好看,於是便去了看3 idiots,雖然誰都說很好看嘛,但總覺得名字很怪,不過結果真的很好看!故事好,敍述好,風景好,有意思,又極搞笑,164分鐘一點也不悶,笑中有淚,感動同時又笑到死。亦表現了為什麼bollywood電影比中國成功。


Thursday, September 1, 2011


還有一件事。今天調整設計的顏色,看著色板的名稱,很是入迷,這是我兒時的興趣啊-找靚字,靚的大多跟大自然有關 shades of pink contains - pink frost, tickled pink, cotton candy pink, fairytale pink... yellow has falling star, first light, sparkler, harvest moon; there are winterscape blue, mayflower blue, cloudless sky blue, starry night blue, snowbell blue; wood anemone purple, illusive white purple, pink cloud, december moon yellow, enchanted forest green, blue seadrops.....