Monday, September 26, 2011


When I get to camb., I wanna paint my bike with red and white polka dots! Steve told me he saw people wearing ladybug helmets, Nick said that must be me! Jacky actually thought my name is 毛圓圓,Nick said at least get the surname right, such as 圓毛毛. Had lunch at Cépage, and a nice tennis game. Wonder how life would be like in camb. hope it'd be nice...Getting bike is like a step of building a life in a place, but this is another momentary stopover, still can't resist to build something that is home-like. Kinda wanna build my own long term dwelling place sometimes, end the nomadic life, grow light purple flowers, and paint a bike which I don't have to sell it away after a year or so, display my books on the wall and not have to set them oceans apart, have a studio. I quite like the growing of such desire in me, though slowly. Meanwhile, I miss the trains in Japan.


wydes said...

ladymao i want to order a pic of u in dot dot dress in dot dot sneaker on a dot dot bike.

maomao said...

i can lend you my future-bike to take a picture with when u come visit lol. hope your 3 hours could be perpetuated