Saturday, October 1, 2011


Having not enough sleep is compromising towards a day of intellectual thinking, nevertheless, i woke at 7 despite a late night. Had an eventful week meeting many people visiting varying places, even got a typhoon! Keep wanting to read more, but think about it, I will get all the time to read when I'm in camb, no? It is my usual preference to finish things well-ahead of time, except packing, it's weird people spend days packing, as I have mentioned, I'd say I spend 1.5 hours, even for a long trip, since that 23 kg bag is so tiny, no matter how long your trip is, it's about the same items you could bring. So my worries lies on how much books I can fit into my hand carry; and whether I can use whatsapp asap after I arrive. Looking forward to more studio fun later! Yummy & cosy rainy dinner. it's an autumn rainy day.

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wydes said...

more drizzling today in 852 =[