Sunday, November 28, 2010

paint your palette blue & grey

to see more yellow & white cat lamp stories, plz click here : ) 
end of a busy week! finally sitting at home listening to joanna wang while jaci gets her turn to paint her lamp under the soft music and mellow light in our seaside studio. it'd be perfect if we have a fireplace here, with the soothing sound of log crackling
this is our first time selling lamps in public!!! it was a beautiful day, breezy and winter sunlight. very nice chatting with people who appreciates what we do! 
Thanks everyone who liked and bought our work, and we look forward to the next handmade market! Special thankz also to those who came and visited us!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

sunrise sunrise

love how the sun shines into the room, no?
reminds me how the sunrise time changes everyday earlier this year in Peter's Yard in Edinburgh.
ちょっと頭が痛い for awhile, from shouting at yung cho cho's concert, revision, long into the night farewell drinking, working, and working, and waking up early.
last minute preparation for tomorrow's handmade market, really not gonna have much things to bring, but we will paint more stuff there and just hea, gonna go with jaci tim! there's so much more that i wanna make, let's see how much could be done. must be crazy.
walked home after work just now, it's one of those very nice moments, like oasis. to have a yoghurt in hand, and watch the sunshine shine through the trees, whisper hi to ding dong (the fat cat) who wanted to lick my yoghurt cup.... good relaxation in the midst of overwhelming work

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

infinity pool

a brief note. just enjoyed some time swimming, more accurately, sitting at the warm outside pool next to the sea under the warm summer sun revising japanese, quite a good place, as i get the pool all to myself and could read stuff out loud... 
anyway, when i return to my room, there were 4 new emails. 2 facebook messages, 3 sms and 3 missed call... wow, people just love to find you before exams no? and many concerts invitation for the two days before exams... 
watched yung cho cho last night, appreciate her a lot
now I must work hard too! sorry for those whom I couldn't get back to immediately, will get back to u soon : ) 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

clare de lune

Wa, such a tiring day (and week) Just got off work, started 8:30 am today - Saturday! The room this time had no sunshine, which was a little bit disconcerting... but other than that, it was a tiring but interesting day as usual. Apart from the interesting girl who graduated from Harvard architecture, and another coworker that studies Japanese full time also; there's another interesting person I met who wishes to be a children's book illustrator too :) And everyone else was nice. 
Had a very nice UWC dinner last night, wish more people had come, but still it's great to see old friends, aw, can you believe that we have graduated 4 years already, and that Orientation Week/China Week was six years ago?! -_-'
sitting at home feels so serene. It's really a good place to be. away from all the crowd and noise. can seek tranquility from the voice of BBC radio, the calming texture of a novel, or my overdosing of water... yet, as usual, I still haven't tidied up my room.... not a good thing to know about. Japanese exam this coming Thursday! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Je veux Noël

Last Saturday, 3.5 year old little Kyle arrived in the atelier with a big smile under the warm winter sunshine, we continued learning about big animals, that day we learnt painting lion. It has a bright round face, black triangular nose, and lots of brown hair... Kyle was a little distracted by mixing colour, nevertheless finished painting a lion (with some hair grown across the face) but the lion has to stay behind in the classroom to dry before it could be picked it up next week.
This little lion was unlike other lion, he can't wait for another week before he could meet Kyle again, so he left the atelier late at night to search for Kyle (despite many other animals - on the paper - staring at him), he went along the long escalators down the hill where people were drinking and singing under the moonlight, occasionally people stared at him, but they were too indulged in the atmosphere. he followed the crowd across the sea on a big slow ferry...the sea water rocked back and forth back and forth, he slowly fell asleep......  (to be continued)
hmm, see this page, is when I was thinking about the first white cat and yellow cat lamp, long ago
Oh no, sorry daydreaming, but it's proven that working with kids is healthy, even though I feel extremely tired and displeased for the insane amount of work left to be done. On a positive note, the Christmas lights around my home were lit, very beautiful, but you know what, I think one of the best Xmas tree place is along the road from the entrance of St. Stephen's, cuz those trees are so tall, and therefore naturally beautiful with all the lights lit. And, had a nice dinner with Natalie in a place surrounded by crabs tonight. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

7 Rue de Grenelle

sigh, stirred up too much... 
L'elegance du herisson is one of those books that I always read again, again and again... there are always new discoveries, and every time I read it, i wanna go to paris again... ahh, I always cant' decide whether I like paris or london more... then I started watching those Japanese movies that I always watch - with an objective/excuse this time - to practice Japanese listening :) which then, makes me want to go to Japan.
I realize there are two types of destinations, the first one is e.g. Laos, Kenya, New Zealand, Kashmir, Hokkaido etc. makes very interesting journeys, but won't make me think of returning all the time. the second type is like Kyoto, London and Paris, there is so much life, hidden secrets... there that it makes you wanna return all the time. 

This is not well written, because it doesn't illustrate how every frame/sentences of those animation/literature mesmerizes my mind. L'elegance du herisson is set in Paris but writes about Japanese culture very well... 日本の食べ物も、cuisine francaise も、どちらも同じぐらい美味しいです。日本の絵本も、litterature d'enfanceも、どちらも同じぐらい面白いです。
macaron, wine, cheese, lion, art, white buildings, small shops, rainbow after rain, tall trees, boulevards, literature, the bread, quince cheese....... music, anime, sushi, sashimi, the tininess of izakaya, the cafe of naoshima, the children's literature museum designed by tadao ando, the matcha, the bamboo forest, the Kyoto tofu dinners... 
I know I have talked about this many time

Sunday, November 14, 2010

hokey pokey

Saturday, started early with little kids under the warm sunshine and beautiful view, so nice : ) ahhh, working with children is so not easy and not just cute as so many people would think, and it's very unlike how it was in Summerbridge (older/intensive/close daily relationship) or in National Trust for Scotland (big class/outdoor) here's a much smaller class and much younger kids, every little kids are so different, lalalalala.... some don't like to talk with others, just turn their faces away, takes a lot longer to warm up, some are very eager to show their work. Then met with Natalie and Lylon at Le Moment, Jacky joined, and we all went back to my home, for some chats and drinks in the balcony, visited James home also, very nice ice cream yeah! 

Friday, November 12, 2010


haven't blogged for a few days u know? 
i always like the rose latte of habitu, just finished japanese class, and a bit of work with kiddies, and u know what I still have to work tomorrow, even though it's Saturday, but I guess I should enjoy it : ) My current plan is to free up more weekday afternoon and nights, so to work on the happy valley work, do yoga, and be able to meet people for dinner at a regular normal time. then do some regular and happy work on saturday morning instead. 
yesterday was thinking about how there were traces of you no matter where i turn. the other day was thinking about the issue of winter, height and boots.
and the day before was thinking about how blissful we are to have ferry and tram in Hong Kong
now i am bathing in winter sun, will have to go to work in a bit. there's a lot to do aside of the normal works.... 
there are so much so much stuff i am working on at the moment, I should give myself a year time to achieve. i guess that's the cost of being able to sit in the winter sun drinking rose latte on a weekday afternoon. 
I wish i were travelling, the difference i guess lies on the fact that when I am sitting here drinking a lovely coffee, I can understand the ladies next table talking about their relative in the hospital and how they should start preparing the documents for splitting money after the person dies ummm.. 
yes, there's a cost, requires so much independency and motivation, sometimes i feel lost too, but luckily I am born positive (i heard people say) so I will try to pursue what I want : ) winter sun, i love , but ya, i am still always lost :P hahaha 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


yes, there's so so much to do, yet all I want to do is go on a trip. but I guess it's also a good thing that there's a lot to do and to achieve, meaning there's lots of hope and anticipation in life, even though it's not always easy. It's really great that there's ferry and tram in Hong Kong, they are both green in colour, moves slowly, and great place to enjoy autumn breeze - even though really, it's summer today. finished up all the business card painted earlier, making new ones today. 
achieved certain significant tasks by early this week, and clipped a list of things to do in the upcoming week. actualizing goals set in the beginning of the month requires daily reminders for myself. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

warm winter day

it's always great meeting old friends. had dinner with joyce, pooh, sophie, cmh, niki and man ki. nice warm lunch with choi sz at stanley today, feels very much a bit like summer. 
there is someone whom i deliberately avoided for awhile for more than once, and it's proved to be a right decision. while I truly and genuinely believe that this person is up to no bad intention, but he is perhaps just used to *upsetting* me or people in general - or that it is unfortunate enough that he has a lot of information to upset me, and would do so intentionally and unstoppingly. therefore, refrigerator, here you go again. 
there's so much to think about, and the answer is difficult to find - for once, i really find it difficult. makes me want to go on a trip again, very much. Looking forward to tomorrow night's premier and dinner. 
P.S. he's actually one person that I have always treated well as a friend, hoping that in return he would treat me at least normally too, but it wasn't like how I thought over all the years. even though really, it doesn't matter. Yes I am sure he have, done something nice for me, and I don't want to weigh - as that's not how friends should be, for now, I have had enough of listening to information, criticism and comments that I have no interest in receiving. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

cloudy day

11月6日 土曜日 天気 雨と寒い
仕事まで、わたしとチョシちゃんは、コスウェベイへいった、たくさんの人から、Happy Valleyへいった。Happy Valley は、毎日静かです,楽しかったですよ。チョシちゃんは、いつも日本料理をたべたい、私も!居心地のよいと美味しいから、焼鳥亭へいって。いい所です。晩ご飯は、餅や帆立なとをたべた。チョシちゃんは,時々私の友達のことを考えてますから、手紙を書いた。そばの郵便局に送る。それから、ヨゴをたべた。疲れだった。チョシちゃん明日は赤柱の朝ご飯を食べたい。今,熊とはりねずみと話しから、ねる。

Thursday, November 4, 2010

gingerbread latte

今日一早陰陰天, 由上環行去中環搭船去尖沙嘴,然後行去學校。一早行路同坐船真係好。放學仲上左堂hatha yoga : ) 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

old path white cloud

woke up to a red cup email from starbugs : ) 
had an outdoor lunch under warm winter sunshine on ifc rooftop with the very familiar gingerbread latte. christmas is already in the air! 
therefore celebrated it with yoga practice. 
started painting christmas series lamp
walked home from central, and spontaneously dropped by HKU Museum, encountered a very beautiful exhibition that I reli love. on. zen. liberation. compassion and true love. 
 smileeeee : ) 

{it only happens once a year}

everyone's favourite season. 
received a very cute email from starbugs that started with - 
"Dear Connie 
You've told us how much you love Christmas at Starbucks, so we thought we'd invite you to enjoy it first..."
Hope this will be a good christmas : )

Monday, November 1, 2010


drafting new lamp story. of snow and christmas potentially. thought of lots of little moments. important pieces that inspires. also unsettling at times. but those are part of what makes us today. did yoga today after a long time. 
it's great that today is the first day of november, can aim for some micro-goals.