Saturday, November 20, 2010

clare de lune

Wa, such a tiring day (and week) Just got off work, started 8:30 am today - Saturday! The room this time had no sunshine, which was a little bit disconcerting... but other than that, it was a tiring but interesting day as usual. Apart from the interesting girl who graduated from Harvard architecture, and another coworker that studies Japanese full time also; there's another interesting person I met who wishes to be a children's book illustrator too :) And everyone else was nice. 
Had a very nice UWC dinner last night, wish more people had come, but still it's great to see old friends, aw, can you believe that we have graduated 4 years already, and that Orientation Week/China Week was six years ago?! -_-'
sitting at home feels so serene. It's really a good place to be. away from all the crowd and noise. can seek tranquility from the voice of BBC radio, the calming texture of a novel, or my overdosing of water... yet, as usual, I still haven't tidied up my room.... not a good thing to know about. Japanese exam this coming Thursday! 

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