Friday, November 12, 2010


haven't blogged for a few days u know? 
i always like the rose latte of habitu, just finished japanese class, and a bit of work with kiddies, and u know what I still have to work tomorrow, even though it's Saturday, but I guess I should enjoy it : ) My current plan is to free up more weekday afternoon and nights, so to work on the happy valley work, do yoga, and be able to meet people for dinner at a regular normal time. then do some regular and happy work on saturday morning instead. 
yesterday was thinking about how there were traces of you no matter where i turn. the other day was thinking about the issue of winter, height and boots.
and the day before was thinking about how blissful we are to have ferry and tram in Hong Kong
now i am bathing in winter sun, will have to go to work in a bit. there's a lot to do aside of the normal works.... 
there are so much so much stuff i am working on at the moment, I should give myself a year time to achieve. i guess that's the cost of being able to sit in the winter sun drinking rose latte on a weekday afternoon. 
I wish i were travelling, the difference i guess lies on the fact that when I am sitting here drinking a lovely coffee, I can understand the ladies next table talking about their relative in the hospital and how they should start preparing the documents for splitting money after the person dies ummm.. 
yes, there's a cost, requires so much independency and motivation, sometimes i feel lost too, but luckily I am born positive (i heard people say) so I will try to pursue what I want : ) winter sun, i love , but ya, i am still always lost :P hahaha 

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