Saturday, November 27, 2010

sunrise sunrise

love how the sun shines into the room, no?
reminds me how the sunrise time changes everyday earlier this year in Peter's Yard in Edinburgh.
ちょっと頭が痛い for awhile, from shouting at yung cho cho's concert, revision, long into the night farewell drinking, working, and working, and waking up early.
last minute preparation for tomorrow's handmade market, really not gonna have much things to bring, but we will paint more stuff there and just hea, gonna go with jaci tim! there's so much more that i wanna make, let's see how much could be done. must be crazy.
walked home after work just now, it's one of those very nice moments, like oasis. to have a yoghurt in hand, and watch the sunshine shine through the trees, whisper hi to ding dong (the fat cat) who wanted to lick my yoghurt cup.... good relaxation in the midst of overwhelming work

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