Monday, November 15, 2010

7 Rue de Grenelle

sigh, stirred up too much... 
L'elegance du herisson is one of those books that I always read again, again and again... there are always new discoveries, and every time I read it, i wanna go to paris again... ahh, I always cant' decide whether I like paris or london more... then I started watching those Japanese movies that I always watch - with an objective/excuse this time - to practice Japanese listening :) which then, makes me want to go to Japan.
I realize there are two types of destinations, the first one is e.g. Laos, Kenya, New Zealand, Kashmir, Hokkaido etc. makes very interesting journeys, but won't make me think of returning all the time. the second type is like Kyoto, London and Paris, there is so much life, hidden secrets... there that it makes you wanna return all the time. 

This is not well written, because it doesn't illustrate how every frame/sentences of those animation/literature mesmerizes my mind. L'elegance du herisson is set in Paris but writes about Japanese culture very well... 日本の食べ物も、cuisine francaise も、どちらも同じぐらい美味しいです。日本の絵本も、litterature d'enfanceも、どちらも同じぐらい面白いです。
macaron, wine, cheese, lion, art, white buildings, small shops, rainbow after rain, tall trees, boulevards, literature, the bread, quince cheese....... music, anime, sushi, sashimi, the tininess of izakaya, the cafe of naoshima, the children's literature museum designed by tadao ando, the matcha, the bamboo forest, the Kyoto tofu dinners... 
I know I have talked about this many time

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