Sunday, November 7, 2010

warm winter day

it's always great meeting old friends. had dinner with joyce, pooh, sophie, cmh, niki and man ki. nice warm lunch with choi sz at stanley today, feels very much a bit like summer. 
there is someone whom i deliberately avoided for awhile for more than once, and it's proved to be a right decision. while I truly and genuinely believe that this person is up to no bad intention, but he is perhaps just used to *upsetting* me or people in general - or that it is unfortunate enough that he has a lot of information to upset me, and would do so intentionally and unstoppingly. therefore, refrigerator, here you go again. 
there's so much to think about, and the answer is difficult to find - for once, i really find it difficult. makes me want to go on a trip again, very much. Looking forward to tomorrow night's premier and dinner. 
P.S. he's actually one person that I have always treated well as a friend, hoping that in return he would treat me at least normally too, but it wasn't like how I thought over all the years. even though really, it doesn't matter. Yes I am sure he have, done something nice for me, and I don't want to weigh - as that's not how friends should be, for now, I have had enough of listening to information, criticism and comments that I have no interest in receiving. 

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