Friday, June 26, 2009



想起La riviere a l'envers . hannah中的情節

Thursday, June 25, 2009

At Last

This morning, two Santa Fe trucks parked downstairs, moving many boxes of toys and red wine away, each box was labelled with "Sea Shipment - Hong Kong/Germany" The lift stopped at 22/F for a long time, I was really excited wondering if it's the family above us moving away, we were so eager to know - we asked the moving company ppl whether it's 22A moving, unfortunately, they said it's 22B.

The flat above us has taught me it's important to buy a flat below the "refuge floor" so you won't get bombarded by noise 24/7. With two very young kids in their flat, there's constant knocking, tapping and jumping sound from the ceiling starting from 5 am everyday! I was so devastated during the time when i had to write theory essay at home - once I went up to complain at 6:30 am, their flat was filled with coffee fragrant and sausages/cereals everywhere, plus huge antiques/statues...... they claimed that "IT'S NOT US" - so it's some ghost or something?

When I was a kid, the flat below complained about me as well - cuz I always jump from the sofa to pretend I was diving.

Both me and mom were really disappointed that it's 22B, but it's German, and it's 22/F, so I insisted going back into the lift to see if it's really 22B! Luckily we went back to see!!! It's acutally 22A, the flat above us moving!!!! ohohohohohohoh

Welcome tranquility!