Thursday, September 30, 2010

reflection in a drop

Breezy day, went swimming outdoor, very rare for me, as I always go indoor. It was so windy like California, you know! So wanna do more exercise, walked from Central to Pokfulam Road today - always love this walk, day and night , feels like Autumn is coming, and soon we can do a lot more outdoor activities + paint outdoor. 
Met Wai Sum for dinner at IFC, and suddenly there were lots of smoke + 火光next to the Central pier, some fire engines came and put it off lol, quite mysterious. Yomama also had some mysterious brown dark dark brown froyo, ahhh mysterious, meeting old friends' always fun - so much to share and laugh about, no? 
So much I should get going and think about, so glad Friday's holiday too. Loving Japanese- but I have to make sure I sleep more so I can be fully awake during class. love love love. need more time to just sit and think about the upcoming story, draw and try out... +oil sinnnnn 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

savour the moment.

わたしわsevvaへ行きたい。抹茶を飲みたい。maybe just for a cup of green tea latte + a sky-full of victoria harbour sunset. 

lion bebes

每次經過置地見到呢個廣告都覺得太得意,the lion cub is smiling, and it's not just Bvlgari, LV also have ads with lion cubs earlier..... mysterious. 
上面隻獅子bebe 笑緊ga

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


拍戲的人,例如你們的doot doot doot 其實都係人,但又好似有d 唔同,真古怪,點解咁講,因為我今晚神智不清地回家時, lift 門一開,見到張家輝,其實也經常撞到他們,不過都係有d古怪,因為佢既只不過是一個neighbour,但又係影帝,我識佢佢唔識我,會諗應唔應該hi 呢,反而同其他neighbour 會打招呼,最後佢出lift 都有點頭say goodnight,幾得意,係咪?如果我真係跟doot doot doot 但又巧合地同佢住同一座咪好怪lor... 
今晚我地個IFC 小聚好得意,跟住吃了久遺了的pavlova-終於;見了很久沒見的好朋友;說了很久沒揭開的事情... 想起三年前第一次去sift,時間過得真快...有時真的有點可怕...

Monday, September 27, 2010

sunset latte

Today is quite a mysterious day. met new friends and old friends. Was reading alone at Dymocks, and an Italian guy came up chatting, you know, just like how it always happen in Europe... he thought I'm a suspicious girl... lol, and wear weird clothes..... lol... and then there's this old friend from Edinburgh whom emailed me... interesting... 
Of course, there's also our beautiful sunset latte with Kitty and Jacky at Sevva. Sitting on the floor of a bookshop reading; al fresco dining, both so great... 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

hello. architect. imagine. yesterday. islands. ?

so cool nee phoebe jei jei architect. 
add oil - study archi so not easy! Especially being aboard alone. but seems like you are doing very well nee. Wish I could see your crit too! 
and me ley, I'm translating some architecture paragraphs at the moment.... long way to go...
p.s. you took the pic yourself?? You're maoshan mey??

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has autumn arrived at my seaside studio

找一間好cafe,去寫故事書,畫咭,喝好喝的coffee, dessert wine, 要高樓底,遠離地面,最好近海,靜, 有wifi.... 

但好多時都要好似搬屋咁,帶好多reference 書,macbook air,顏色筆,hedgy and blackie bebe.... 然後又唔可以好hea 咁坐,成日諗出唔出街,其實最好的cafe 係唔係已經o係身邊?今日天氣好清涼

the blanc sacre

suddenly wanted to watch "in the mood for love" this morning...still watching now.. mesmerizing, ya? 
still want more riquiqui, dessert wine and pavlova 
already wanna go again, better not on weekend though

Friday, September 24, 2010


drawn 2004/05?

這篇blog屬於雜記,有幾件於一早便要記下來的事。今天早上隨意拿了枱上一本日文繪本拿靈感,跟住上面的字讀,竟然看得明那頁故事!!!!!!!!!!!!你能夠想像多興奮嗎? 雜記之二, 初步決定了故事的主角,令making the story more challenging, hope it'd work out fine.  雜記之三,唔知今晚同嘈姐姐會唔會見面 lol. 四 shall go swimming after class

Thursday, September 23, 2010

hong kong harbourfront

幸好這裏有些很搞笑的archi 圖,及好古怪的slogan 「-締造一個朝氣蓬勃、綠化和暢達的世界級的新海濱」什麼「富有特式的高樓大廈」自已一個人行過都忍唔住笑

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

under magical lantern

only thought of one person, and one sentence whenever I am holding my beautiful handmade big lantern... 
drawn last year before mid autumn festival

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

un lion a paris

I bought around 100 picture story books within 2009, there are some books that I love love love, that feeling is very strange, both positive and negative, you would often think about that book, but at the same time, it's sometimes so good that you won't want to look at it for too long, makes your heartbeat! There is something in those illustration and the words... One of them is un lion a paris, I remember I showed Elliot last time @ Peter's Yard and he really loved it too, Paris suits you more than here! 
I started really creating my first complete picture story book around 2004, but have only illustrated and wrote around four since then, not counting those short stories on lamps etc. Most of the stories aren't that good, and a lot of time I don't have a lot of inspirations on the storyline itself, but that's still what I love to do, got a new story idea these two days, will get this set of drawings starting asap! going to be challenging! 

a peaceful rainy day

What does your animals do when you're not at home? 
can't wait to reply my friends emails, but gotta go for dinner and deliver a lamppu now : ) animals have fun

Monday, September 20, 2010


with the same people, at the same place, in the same season, from my point of view, it feels as if nothing has changed... everything feels simply and homely comfortable. yet that can only represent my own point of view, and everything else is not in my scope of control. but it's ok, there are many things in life we needa accept
wanted to capture the extremely windy morning below my home, but it feels a bit unsuccessful... the sea was filled with white waves :P isn't it weird that there are still so much ahead of us in life, and there's so much things we could feel happy for if we think positively, even though it's not always easy : )
and then, there are also things that are plain and simple, feelings that I couldn't lie to myself. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lavandula angustifolia 02

The sky outside the window is of a very particular pinkish red... what does it resemble...? I really enjoy reading description of perfume and wine..... will we really be able to tell all the little ingredients that are supposed to be found in it? I guess it's probably like painting, the process as important as the result, if not more. 
finally tidied up my room after so long : ) too much paintbrush at home..... 
talking with some younger people could make you really wonder whether we have once been so ignorant... 

Lavandula angustifolia

What's best for Sunday morning, a nice brunch of course. Admiring the poisonous-smog-covered-harbour through the glass... lol... long and relaxing classic breakfast (oxymoron) : ) 
Bought the  {Lavende} from lane crawford in the end, as expected but a loyal choice, not a bad thing isn't it.  Kitty bought an extremely beautiful wooden cutter there.... we shouldn't hang out too much you know, there are three potential Japan trip upcoming... I should seriously consider ........ lol (what do u think?) Hmm, quite wanna yum cha too...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Honeysuckle vs. La vie en Rose

Visited a lot of interesting little shops these days, I guess it all started in April, when we were searching for crepe, encountered more wine related places recently, don't remember where the last one was, but made a trip to le moment today, it's a decent little shop close to where chocolux used to be, one of the very steep streets of central, with tables inside and outside, bright, white, and very French. The boss treated us some house grind - mixed - spices - and also とてもおおいしdessert wine, honeysuckle sifts into your body, he told us that most wine he chose are processed as little as possible... anyway, will definitely revisit again, for its wine, coffee, but also TEA! fine selection. Afterwards, we visited Green waffle diner on Graham street, feels very much like a western style cha chan tang, but the waffle tastes delicious. 
The sketch we watched in the evening was interesting, loved it a lot, not cause the content was especially memorable, but simply the existences of more and more experimental showcases in HK. Reminds me of the courses I took in APA, hmm, wish HK good luck : ) hahahaha. Need to make a to-do list every night, wanna organize a little picnic with jaci, but she'd complain that it's atsui, wondering whether to go to Japan next week o.o".... 
ah, v. hungry tim. but it's too late to eat, wanna eat black or white truffles on bread.. ah. ah. ah. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Colourful pops on Old Bailey's

Don't know why I constantly have so much to do... I guess it's a good thing. Gonna have to finish more illustration asap, and do research for our little plan in the coming few months, work on the translation... Had a nice lunch with Fion on Old Bailey's Street, reli nice atmosphere, and satisfies my criteria of being away from the ground, has wifi, good service, with nice view of trees outside, and even their own exhibition space... 
Things always turns out better than I imagined.. : ) 
Ok, now, work. 

Chardonnay, sparkling lights and wood flower

Hmm, Nick's home is very comfortable, with doors that could be folded to the side that opens up to the balcony facing Tsing Ma Bridge, the food was indeed very oishii, thanks so much : ) It was a serene little night, with the beautiful clear night view, which I didn't worry of missing while taking the bus out to Central as I know his home has a great view.
 The lights in the shower is interesting lol. You know how I usually like small homes, but I find his wide flat very comfortable. Really like this neighborhood too, close to HKU and small cafes around, but pure neighbourhood once up the hill. Anyway, thanks for the dinner, we should have more dinner parties! Love being on the car too, especially on such a clear night. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bathing in afternoon sunshine

natural daylight is very important, don't you think?  really wanna go to dbay, but it's a rare day when I could stay home all day, maybe go for a swim?
 blackie bebe is looking for fishes outside the window? hedgy bebe, are you happy today? 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A piece of tranquility

A lot happened recently, and went through a lot in the past hours. In any case, it's all settled now, and I hope that all of us feel calm and happy now - continue to carry on our routes and realize our dreams. 
-extremely tired breakfast at four seasons-
 Haven't been back at home before midnight for a long while - feel very very tired indeed, want to tidy up my room, it's very messy, saw hedgy and blackie instead of just patting them before they sleep, finish up the translation and freelance illustration... etc. etc. japanese lesson etc... 
and take a little break. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sharing art on a rainy day

Despite of many complicated factors that is beyond my ability to understand, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to meet Tsubuan-san and his mom, and also spend the past two days with many art lovers during the one day sale and demonstration. Thanks to Shizue in organizing such occasion, something very precious for HK's art scene. met a lot of old friends of p*m and first time visitors, and received many small gifts, food, and personal message after the two days' over. It is indeed very challenging for us in many aspects, but being an art lover and (unprofessional) illustrator myself, I very understand that every little message counts very much. 
The past week was very tiring for both Joey and I, but we have both indeed learnt a lot from Shizue, whom pays attention to even the tiniest details. During the demonstration, both of us were really worried on whether Tsubuan san would be too thirsty/hungry or tired! But having worked with Japanese before, we understand how serious, attentive and respectful they are towards doing everything. We had a nice dinner together afterwards where he shared his experience in big festa and handmade markets in Japan - where they have to look after the booth from 9 am to 11 pm, can't even go to toilet!!! Unbelievable! It is very great to see that people are enjoying! There are so much I learnt recently... so glad also to have Joey.. 
Misses phoebe very much too, can you come back to HK? 
As for now, it's time to rest, as we still have japanese lesson fresh and early tomorrow! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A day of adult's kindergarten

Look at all the colourful work! It was a long and exciting day with Tsubuan Stamp! Started with yum cha at City Hall : ) Then they changed into traditional japanese clothes for a day at petit morpho.
 Lots of people came visit, including illustrators from England, gallerists from Japan, local artists etc, it's great to see when everyone brings in something into one place, sharing and exchanging humbly, isn't it great if there are more such occasions in Hong Kong - where everyone who loves art could have someone to share their passion and accumulate more inspiration...
since Tsubuan Stamp used to be a kindergarten teacher, it's really like a kindergarten here! You know what, his mom was so touched when he first arrived petit morpho, almost broke into tears! ahhhh
seeing people enjoying art together reminds me of echigo tsumari, makes me miss it very much... 

Tsubuan Stamp in Hong Kong

It always feels great to meet artists in person, and I guess vice versa too, no wonder he wants to organize a one day sale tomorrow to meet you all himself...  He is very friendly and genuine, can feel the freshness from hokkaido on him and his mom. Indeed a little shy and anxious on the upcoming demonstration too! 
We unpacked a whole suitcase of stamps today! sugoii ne! I can't help to buy some too...  Let me pretend to be a visitor and take a pic with the beautiful sign on the door :P I guess this doesn't show anything from the exhibition and it should be fine? 

Don't leave us please!

Had a lot a lot of experience of being sent off to the airport, but this is the first time I really see a very good friend off at the airport. I still know the whole route very vividly, it starts from a few days or even weeks before leaving, the whole anxiety and counting down, the feeling of having to go back to a boring and lonely place all alone, away from the beautiful and loving home... and feel as if it's difficult for those who aren't leaving to feel that unhappiness. Sometimes the tears of after going through immigration - the realization before take off, and then to the bright sunshine and cool air when arriving at London/Paris and the reality faced at Edinburgh. Even worse when it's winter... 
But this time, I actually experience the other side of the whole thing, which in fact is very sad too! HK without you is wrong, I guess it's even more so for tso jei jei, as she has to face a lot on her own... all the work... I guess it must be very difficult for her without you! ... can you come back? 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning break from illustration

They are the same colour as Blackie and Hedgy lol

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blurred patches of colours

I am surrounded by people here but they are both busy working, isn't it weird. Just talked on the phone with a person I met on the pedestrian bridge of Mong Kok, paid a trip to admiralty earlier on today and bought some really pretty Chinese style clothes - those that I love most - and before that - had an interesting day meeting many different people at petit morpho, and now my friends are talking with me - and I am about to lay out the watercolour to work on some illustration....  
I can't even write things out logically!
Everything seems to blur together as a whole - so blurry. planning for dinner tonight - and then meeting at riquiqui for dessert...... etc. etc... there's no nihongo class on Wednesday morning, but what did I do? 
Everything blurs together - both in a negative and positive way.... why is it like that? I quite wanna draw some fat animals

Urban Garden at Causeway Bay

Have been painting a lot of work related things recently, miss painting lamps very much! Can you imagine that! I still remember the days when I was day dreaming about everything while on the bus alone at Kyoto! Enjoying solitude time, travelling time, boring time; seems to be one of my expertise - my imagination seems to be able to fill up my mind. 
In the bright sunlight today, I seems to remember a bit of what I want. Good start. Even though it still seems extremely difficult. Then had dinner at CWB, and Sweet Jane Patisserie afterwards... ahhh.. time flies! TOO QUICKLY! So much unknown, any advices?
Pic above - drawing picture during less on is probably one of my HABIT trained up in the past ten years - cuz lessons are usually tooooo repetitive... 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Colourful Dots in this overheated city

Working feels very different from being at school, especially when I am doing part time + freelance + nihongo lessons... even though when there are only a few things on the schedule, the day would actually feel very filled and rushed - wake up and go to class immediately, have lunch then petit morpho right after, sometimes meet friends for a little while, then it's already quite late once I get home - but still gotta work on some illustration - then it's bed time, almost no time for myself. I guess part of the tiredness also comes from the fact that those things are all something I care, and would like to dedicate my heart in, unlike when I was working in an architectural firm in Beijing - where I just have to "finish the task." P.S. ironically, it seems like I am earning almost nothing nowadays even though I am so busy -_-" Maybe I should find more freelance soon (but is there anytime?)! Tennis + Swimming, ah, both really want to do more frequently, both so addictive! Ah let me put a pic from disneyland, yum cha : ) Why are you leaving so soon!

Autumn Party

Time flies, soon we can have the long awaited autumn outdoor party with Marie Antoinette's crave! 
Can you feel the air of changes? 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy Sunday

Sunday, meeting Shizue & Joey; voting for Southern district by-election; Choi Sz's birthday party - making creamy puff; illustration.... 
Busy day, work now... 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A day at Disneyland!

First time at Hong Kong Disneyland! lol + dinner at Discovery Bay... 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Under Black Lanterns

Mooncake Shopping : ) Love the black lanterns here and the new roses from Kenya!
Also got the moonchocolat, with RABBITS, can't wait to see !
Looking forward to tonight