Tuesday, September 21, 2010

un lion a paris

I bought around 100 picture story books within 2009, there are some books that I love love love, that feeling is very strange, both positive and negative, you would often think about that book, but at the same time, it's sometimes so good that you won't want to look at it for too long, makes your heartbeat! There is something in those illustration and the words... One of them is un lion a paris, I remember I showed Elliot last time @ Peter's Yard and he really loved it too, Paris suits you more than here! 
I started really creating my first complete picture story book around 2004, but have only illustrated and wrote around four since then, not counting those short stories on lamps etc. Most of the stories aren't that good, and a lot of time I don't have a lot of inspirations on the storyline itself, but that's still what I love to do, got a new story idea these two days, will get this set of drawings starting asap! going to be challenging! 

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