Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blurred patches of colours

I am surrounded by people here but they are both busy working, isn't it weird. Just talked on the phone with a person I met on the pedestrian bridge of Mong Kok, paid a trip to admiralty earlier on today and bought some really pretty Chinese style clothes - those that I love most - and before that - had an interesting day meeting many different people at petit morpho, and now my friends are talking with me - and I am about to lay out the watercolour to work on some illustration....  
I can't even write things out logically!
Everything seems to blur together as a whole - so blurry. planning for dinner tonight - and then meeting at riquiqui for dessert...... etc. etc... there's no nihongo class on Wednesday morning, but what did I do? 
Everything blurs together - both in a negative and positive way.... why is it like that? I quite wanna draw some fat animals


Juanjaime said...

I think that's the curse of being a genius.
Everything happening at the same time, receiving information all the time, happenings get blurred and mix together because they should be inseparable in the first place.

wydes said...

like blurblur, one big chaotic cloud