Saturday, September 11, 2010

A day of adult's kindergarten

Look at all the colourful work! It was a long and exciting day with Tsubuan Stamp! Started with yum cha at City Hall : ) Then they changed into traditional japanese clothes for a day at petit morpho.
 Lots of people came visit, including illustrators from England, gallerists from Japan, local artists etc, it's great to see when everyone brings in something into one place, sharing and exchanging humbly, isn't it great if there are more such occasions in Hong Kong - where everyone who loves art could have someone to share their passion and accumulate more inspiration...
since Tsubuan Stamp used to be a kindergarten teacher, it's really like a kindergarten here! You know what, his mom was so touched when he first arrived petit morpho, almost broke into tears! ahhhh
seeing people enjoying art together reminds me of echigo tsumari, makes me miss it very much... 

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