Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't leave us please!

Had a lot a lot of experience of being sent off to the airport, but this is the first time I really see a very good friend off at the airport. I still know the whole route very vividly, it starts from a few days or even weeks before leaving, the whole anxiety and counting down, the feeling of having to go back to a boring and lonely place all alone, away from the beautiful and loving home... and feel as if it's difficult for those who aren't leaving to feel that unhappiness. Sometimes the tears of after going through immigration - the realization before take off, and then to the bright sunshine and cool air when arriving at London/Paris and the reality faced at Edinburgh. Even worse when it's winter... 
But this time, I actually experience the other side of the whole thing, which in fact is very sad too! HK without you is wrong, I guess it's even more so for tso jei jei, as she has to face a lot on her own... all the work... I guess it must be very difficult for her without you! ... can you come back? 

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