Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Urban Garden at Causeway Bay

Have been painting a lot of work related things recently, miss painting lamps very much! Can you imagine that! I still remember the days when I was day dreaming about everything while on the bus alone at Kyoto! Enjoying solitude time, travelling time, boring time; seems to be one of my expertise - my imagination seems to be able to fill up my mind. 
In the bright sunlight today, I seems to remember a bit of what I want. Good start. Even though it still seems extremely difficult. Then had dinner at CWB, and Sweet Jane Patisserie afterwards... ahhh.. time flies! TOO QUICKLY! So much unknown, any advices?
Pic above - drawing picture during less on is probably one of my HABIT trained up in the past ten years - cuz lessons are usually tooooo repetitive... 

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