Saturday, September 18, 2010

Honeysuckle vs. La vie en Rose

Visited a lot of interesting little shops these days, I guess it all started in April, when we were searching for crepe, encountered more wine related places recently, don't remember where the last one was, but made a trip to le moment today, it's a decent little shop close to where chocolux used to be, one of the very steep streets of central, with tables inside and outside, bright, white, and very French. The boss treated us some house grind - mixed - spices - and also とてもおおいしdessert wine, honeysuckle sifts into your body, he told us that most wine he chose are processed as little as possible... anyway, will definitely revisit again, for its wine, coffee, but also TEA! fine selection. Afterwards, we visited Green waffle diner on Graham street, feels very much like a western style cha chan tang, but the waffle tastes delicious. 
The sketch we watched in the evening was interesting, loved it a lot, not cause the content was especially memorable, but simply the existences of more and more experimental showcases in HK. Reminds me of the courses I took in APA, hmm, wish HK good luck : ) hahahaha. Need to make a to-do list every night, wanna organize a little picnic with jaci, but she'd complain that it's atsui, wondering whether to go to Japan next week o.o".... 
ah, v. hungry tim. but it's too late to eat, wanna eat black or white truffles on bread.. ah. ah. ah. 

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