Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Je veux Noël

Last Saturday, 3.5 year old little Kyle arrived in the atelier with a big smile under the warm winter sunshine, we continued learning about big animals, that day we learnt painting lion. It has a bright round face, black triangular nose, and lots of brown hair... Kyle was a little distracted by mixing colour, nevertheless finished painting a lion (with some hair grown across the face) but the lion has to stay behind in the classroom to dry before it could be picked it up next week.
This little lion was unlike other lion, he can't wait for another week before he could meet Kyle again, so he left the atelier late at night to search for Kyle (despite many other animals - on the paper - staring at him), he went along the long escalators down the hill where people were drinking and singing under the moonlight, occasionally people stared at him, but they were too indulged in the atmosphere. he followed the crowd across the sea on a big slow ferry...the sea water rocked back and forth back and forth, he slowly fell asleep......  (to be continued)
hmm, see this page, is when I was thinking about the first white cat and yellow cat lamp, long ago
Oh no, sorry daydreaming, but it's proven that working with kids is healthy, even though I feel extremely tired and displeased for the insane amount of work left to be done. On a positive note, the Christmas lights around my home were lit, very beautiful, but you know what, I think one of the best Xmas tree place is along the road from the entrance of St. Stephen's, cuz those trees are so tall, and therefore naturally beautiful with all the lights lit. And, had a nice dinner with Natalie in a place surrounded by crabs tonight. 

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