Saturday, October 22, 2011


i really shouldn't be blogging, but here i am. today was nice cuz i had japanese class! and also bumped into my jap frd in uni library, and we explored the "East Asian Room" which houses a lot of Japanese and Chinese books, but best of all was sitting next to the river reading, just how much I love that. beyond words can describe. here comes the last formal dinner of the week, in my own college, was filled with port, white, red, sherry wine, and a very nice dessert, trio of english apples, very appropriate for cambridge and current affairs (ok, me only, have I mentioned? the three apples that changed the world?), but it tasted great, it's apple ice cream, apple crumble and some sort of apple wine. i mean look at all the apple trees of cambridge! No wonder one fell on Newton. I don't know why, but japanese class makes me so happy!

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