Sunday, October 30, 2011

dance dance

with all the talk of not not not going out last night, we ended up going to revolution and then the halloween party at queen's college. thanks to daylight saving, we earned an hour of partying/sleeping. now i reli wanna dance/have fun again, except we seems to be running out of excuses. no photos on my camera. only nerdy photos lol.
来週。火 formal at homerton, 木 formal at trinity,土 open day, help with baking cupcakes, 日一緒にロンドンへ。今日は本当に本当にずっと勉強をしてる、本を読んだり、文を書いたり、教授にメールを書こう。今から。
Thierry told me that Gloria asked where I went! Miss my little art students very much.
the sun is shining, i am happy.

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