Wednesday, October 19, 2011


it's always a little difficult to think about what exactly it is that i love in picture story books. while writing the critical memoir of my childhood readings, i identified a lot of personal childhood stings that i seldom thought about, yet exists. the best thing about college library is that you can bring coffee, i saw a lithuanian friend on the other side of the library staring out the window over the woods for the past 20 minutes, daydreaming is healthy. i had four doses of caffeine yesterday, essential to get through my mon to wed, the past two days were really great, but now i am back to being very sleepy, plus another extremely long day ahead.
So my dear Japanese friend also emailed me, does it disturbs me that what I study in the end is not just about the fantasy and beauty depicted in the books, but more on many basic anxiety that underlies the process of growing up? "毎日、児童文学のお勉強ですか?子どもの文学には、魔法使いや妖精が出てきて、とても神秘的なお話が多いですね。私も大好きです。たくさん勉強して、すてきな絵本を作ってね." though, I believe things are connected in a particular way for a reason. : ) i am glad that i am here.
We are going to Pembroke for formal hall tonight, and can you believe, their "buttery" (i.e. kitchen) has a BLOG! ya colleges compete on how good their food tastes.

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