Sunday, September 25, 2011


distraction required in midst of physical and mental weakness. have been looking forward to leaving these days, for various reasons, though i would miss my home here very much, but i have a longing towards little river and green fields. the opening of apple store was really fun! たしかに i'd miss my nihongo kurasu, painting students and even cuhk's architecture studio :P have found jap classes, yoga and tennis court for my time there though, hopefully can jog and paint too - so not just reading & writing :P have been reading 'The child that books built,' it's amazing how much one could recall from your memory if you were to do so.
my first time to the library in the neighbourhood was during a library class in grade one, it's a single storey concrete building surrounded by low bushes, the children section is in the end, surrounded by windows, and has a sinked space in the middle, it's a story-telling space, children had to put books there after reading. imagine if one night, all fictional characters woke up from their books in the library... it would be so funny, a Midnight in Paris kinda story. who would u fear most? voldemort? who would voldemort fear most? 黃蓉?LOL. At that time, I couldn't read a lot of the words in the novels, there were holes in the text corresponding to the parts I couldn't understand. Words like prophesying, rekindled and adornment had never been spoken in my hearing. No one had ever told me aloud to behold something, but unknown words picked up meaning from the words around them, meanings that worked well enough in context, though usually when I do look up the dictionary, I could be completely wrong.
just wanna have liquid food, making mashed spinach & tiny diced hokkaido pumpkin in clam chowder soupy soupy tonite.

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