Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Elaine missed class this morning, there are always a lot of interesting people we meet in these short courses. then went back to exhibition, a fun fun afternoon full of visitors. first we have some cute secondary sch students, then we have nick, who was extremely eager in challenging the *people-counter* record :P
crazy people desu nee. Then we have ah King, went to HKU with him for dinner, very interesting as well. I always enjoy meeting people from different background and context, and you'd always think wa, this person is so cute, some are like smile-smile-smile people; some are smart and charming etc. etc. 
receiving post-card; or anything by mail is too happy. let me make some too! 
when the autumn wind blows, people are so happy; when the winter wind blows, people are even happier. autumn wind, like jaci dear's name 載颸 - 載住秋天的風 cool breeze of autumn

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crazy people desu nee* like!