Thursday, October 14, 2010

simple joys

I really always wonder who actually reads my blog, currently doing a new research project on the public space, pedestrian pattern and street life of lower Happy Valley, apart from that, also going to have to prepare for the upcoming Japanese test. working at A-link Nakayama's show, met Elliot for lunch and concert the other day, and Kitty for dinner at Habitu Garden, and Ken the urban planner. Reading some books about the failure of urban planning in the two freelance job cheque and two new freelance tasks. that basically sums up. 
Going to have to start painting lamps again soon, usually really want to do that when I am busy. Will be selling at November Discovery bay Handmade market. Yup, thought of what somebody said about somebody else...... there's really nothing that's impossible, all depends on your planning of time and determination. So, let me get back to work + reading first, then sleep early tonight. : ) supports welcome! 

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