Friday, October 1, 2010

grapefruit sunset at my favourite playground

Today was actually a very very nice day, enjoyed the autumn breeze, the soft gentle sunlight, the beautiful breakfast with good friends, moon river, the peaceful afternoon in my favourite playground and homelike secondary school, the grapefruits, the beetroots, the fun fun pictures and everything. but dunno why I felt tired and a little unhappy now... what triggered that? 
what's better than reading in autumn breeze? 
and oishii beetroot! 
I m miss backdrop here in this pic :P
long long breakfast, that's how breakfast should be like
Once again pondered on those really stupid questions that I always ponder about... often want to be more independent, but am I not already? maybe what I should learn is to share my feelings and be dependent? But that seems like an act that would lead to annoyance to others.... no conclusion, a very nice dose of nature these two days, but I still need more, maybe I should go on another picnic tomorrow. my fellow hongkongers should be watching hanabi firewor now? 
Has autumn arrived silently? Autumn last year was a revolution, I hope this year would be too. 
p.s. thankz chan sir for helping us get into campus, nowadays they have reli weird rules, and you need to make booking in advance to get in your own school campus....

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