Sunday, October 17, 2010


a.i.n.y although i need you
I didn't like to listen to sad songs in the past few years, and yes, wow, HK songs are really too emotional, negative-vibes-triggering... ! Even though d lyrics is actually very .... 到lor.........  I thought I am already very healed ! ha. ok, enough said for this part. wanna go to some beautiful countryside sometimes, ho ng ho ah? 
This evening timing was quite good, dropped by a-link, then walked into Happy valley in pleasant autumn breeze, had dinner at the char siu shop, quite fun, al fresco dining, and then dropped by wasakuraya, but realized that happy valley yogo is better, we sat on sing woo road - road side and chat for a long time, very comfortable, you know what, there's TARO flavour frozen yoghurt tonight, so exciting! 
Saw many family drove by and bought many cups of yogo back home, so sweet. this mao mao, look a little unhappy with her eyes dropping on the edge, dunno if it works if i give her a little hug? :P
i am falling in love with happy valley, or do i just easily fall in love? 

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