Sunday, October 10, 2010

hydrangea & balloon flower

lots of flowers appeared in my day. a romantic sunday.
started with our usual sunday morning ponder on where to have breakfast, explored the option of the Verandah, but both restaurants were booked for wedding, a good place to get married outdoor really! white white, beautiful white. 
so we turned to Stanley without much hope. Chose Rocksalt by chance, where Bayside used to be, sat next to the sea, but away from the street, and enjoyed an al fresco egg benedict, very very great, and it's a lot cheaper than our previous selections! 
Good, beautiful blue sea. Flowers flowers everywhere, it's a cloudy day, I love that when you drive along the windy and green roads of Southern District, sunlight sift through the leaves and shine into your car, perfect. anyone wanna try it together sometimes?  
Then we had *meeting* in Happy Valley, then it rained heavily, not it's like a storm outside. and I am waiting for my dinner, and tomorrow will be a busy day. and we need to add oil. 
*Happy Birthday Kitty* 

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wydes said...

and here comes autumn =]