Thursday, October 7, 2010

Door on the Prairie

Today is the opening of Hideyuki Nakayama's exhibition, working with second exhibition since I was back in Hong Kong, every exhibition and it's organizer behind has their own visions, and it's great to be able to help them bring the message to the audience, many times, the audience just find the work too abstract and obscure - beyond their ability to understand, that's why sometimes it's great to have people explaining... and at the same it's a great place to know more people, from very very diverse background brought together by art/architecture. It's so interesting hearing what people do in life.
 Nakayama-san is also a very nice person, he drew me a cute pic on my moleskine! Hong & Joey's hard-work in coordinating the exhibition is also admirable, quite crazy kind of people, I don't do those things even when I study architecture lol. It's always impressive to see people do things that I won't do. Consistent to the title of the work, people all gradually sat on the ground of the exhibition room, and chat like they were having a picnic. 
I still find myself very lucky. 
Continue to work tomorrow la... : ) Come join me. 

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