Monday, October 25, 2010

autumn aqua mead

This Sunday was a good and extremely eventful sunday : ) Like most of my days, 80% of the activities were unplanned, and all turned out better than I imagined. 
Hope the ending won't make this day became a day of bad memory. Started with nice "breakfast" in Central - with the view of pretty trees and little white buildings outside popbites, walked pass joyful birthday party at IFC, then participated a thought-stimulating workshop, followed by a fulfilling tea+ dinner at Inter-Continental, it's always nice with Kitty, relaxing and natural. and then drinks at Aqua - with javian, natalie, lylon, jacky and akie - full of crazy mo liu conversation as usual. Plus, a visit onto the ambulance - which shouldn't be a highlight. Hope you are ok now! really!!!! and must visit the doctor asap!  a little worried which woke me up totally..... you know what I mean? One photo is not good enough for such an eventful day. So awake now even though I really should sleep. 
Extremely extremely missing yoga & pilates. I still have quite a little money in various yoga places - i should seriously go more often! Is Eat, Pray, Love good? 
aqua + mead. 有意思

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