Sunday, January 30, 2011

secret gardens

chatted on the phone till 4 last night, so sleepy now :P
met tso jei jei today, and we went to liger, it's so great how these upstairs places with little courtyard in the back is totally like a secret garden away from the overflowing causeway bay. chose a pretty johanna ho top and a jumpsuit! and some mysterious stuff.....
painted something this morning, and just came back from jogging, it's so great to have this urge to jog, i used to think jogging is mysterious, but now I can feel that I can do a little better each time - so satisfying! Never imagined that it's possible, just started healthy life plan again for two weeks...
Hmm, then we went to Happy Valley : ) We both loved this place very much, loved hearing her Happy Valley stories too, we walked pass a place with claypot rice, aww, how much we wish we could have it together... but can't tonight. So we went visit Potato at the Three Dog Bakery, she gave me some fresh baked dog cookies, and we tried some too!!!! omg, first time having dog food, but it tasted great :P
even though sleepy, but many small things added up to a great day.

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