Tuesday, January 25, 2011


aiyaa, the tuesday babies are so cute. love that this class only has three kids, nowadays we spend the first part of the class sitting around the polka dot wall, where they will listen to a story related to the art piece we make that class. These few week they are doing a 團年飯/Hotpot/Chinese New Year painting, with a movable round desk in the middle. We are just drawing the food today. Told them one of my favourite story, Interesting how kids of this age feels so fascinated by such stories, even though the story line might seem a little complicated. This seems to have fulfilled one of the goal I have thought of long ago, even though I didn't have this in mind earlier on. when we learn how to draw, they also contributed, qoolooqooloo is how christopher taught the other kids drawing - instant noodle.
tennis again tomorrow yeah!
random photoshopping.. lol

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