Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Japanese architecture is really one of a kind, its ambition and achievement, simplicity and relationship with the wider context, so different from western architecture. 
I mean just even look at their architects! 
Careful thinkers vs. full-of-themselves
I'm sorry. I am sure they are all good.... 
Who doesn't love their work?
(left) SANAA, Ryue Nishizawa & Sejima (L); (right) Masterrr Tadao Ando

And of course we also have our western masters : Zaha Hadid + Rem Koolhaas

喂喂心 says: (9:27:32 AM)一個似迪士尼啲妖婦
喂喂心 says: (9:27:50 AM)一個似偏激固執老頭, terrible -_-" 相由心生

Maoshan says: (9:28:26 AM)how about sejima, how about ando?!?!? lol
喂喂心 says: (9:29:38 AM)佢地幅相好無印 -.-
日式簡約和諧 苦學成才樣

Remaining's yours to judge

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