Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Travel - reality and wish

In March, will be travelling to Manchester. 
18th March - Paris - meet with Seizo Tashima, his wife and assistant - and visit his exhibition; with Debs - first two days; meet with Diana; will wanna travel to suburb, with nice open view and relaxing cafes
Bologna - The world's largest annual children's book fair - which Seizo will be participating too
Lausanne - European beauty, visit SANAA newest building, hope my friends here will join. (to be confirmed) Really quite wanna go to Lausanne though. 
 Always quite wanted to go to Saint-Emilion?Provence? Was always on my wishlist? Maybe WWOOF for a short while? But just wanna relax, find a reli relaxing place at either Lausanne or Provence, with bathtub and starlight... to JUST ....... enjoy nature and serenity. 

Chihiro Museum, Japan 
Revisit - Crayon House, Omotesando, Japan
Revisit - Kanazawa
Revisit - Chichu Museum, Naoshima, Japan (Tadao Ando) 
Revisit - Sushi at 梅丘 will i die from nostalgia, i will i know i will..... 
Museum of Literature, (Tadao Ando), Himeji
Revisit - Shinjuku d sushi, ramen, crab
Revisit - Hokkaido lavender field and music box house
Sendai Mediatheque - Toyo Ito 
Moriyama House - SANAA
A children's museum in Hiroshima
simple things like walking in 吉祥寺,自由の丘, 六本木...... 
Lisson Gallery, London

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