Thursday, November 12, 2009


I always wonder why there is this assumption of making cakes for men/boyfriend = sweet. I wonder if men even like cakes that much at all? Or is it cuz modern girls realize that cooking a (good) proper meal is too difficult, and therefore started making cakes to disguise herself as a great potential housewife?

There are always girl-friends who invite me to cafes to have a piece of cake or worse, suggest "Let's bake together!"
It's not that I dislike cakes or baking, but frankly speaking, since Aries closed down, there aren't any cakes in Hong Kong that I like anymore. (Apart from Sweet Secrets and their ability to make very pretty and special cakes) And if you have ever made your own cakes, you know how much sugar, butter and cheese is required to make that tiny piece of cake, in that light, I think we shouldn't have cakes unless they are extremely amazing, since HK no longer have any amazing cakes, therefore my usual excuse these days = I don't eat cakes anymore.

HOWEVER! Last weekend, I have this urge to "create" a cake. On our walk last week, we saw a magpie, quite a common bird in Hong Kong and other places as well. They have a very distinct IRON BLUE coloured feather, and look extremely beautiful. I also love the name magpie.
Mag-pie magpie, sounds very much like a pie.
Then I have this idea of making a tiny cake/pie, palm size, similar to a marble cheesecake, but in the colour of blue and white, just like a magpie. Then I will name the pie - Magpie!

Today is my mom's birthday : ) I remember the days when we were in Canada, she prepares great birthday party for me..
Now I know who would like cakes! I will probably make one for my kids in the future, on their birthday. Perfect!

Let me know next time u spot a magpie ;)

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