Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have been discussing the Euro-trip itinerary with my mom, which we should be going in less than a week, but still haven't decided where to go yet! I have been thinking hard everyday, and reading online resources, but they just don't appeal to me! and it makes me feel so pissed, I don't want to be surrounded by red brick buildings from xxxx years ago, or see christ's blood! At least I guess it's not what I want now. I don't especially like pub food, don't like the overly shiny sun of the Mediterranean nor the cloudy moody skies of Northern Europe....
I want to go to ........ いわき絵本美術館、秋田、直島、ちひろ......
So we came to a conclusion that I shall shorten my trip in Europe to ONE week... and go to Japan once i get back to HK...yet I still couldn't decide where in Europe we should travel to...... : (
Maybe the walls of European architecture are too thick, I just don't feel like i see the REALITY there.... and I like japanese food better.
(pic: Tadao Ando's Picture story book museum in Iwaki, designed for 3 kindergartens in the area)

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