Tuesday, March 20, 2012


今天跟同學走路去grantchester, 很想試試punt 到這邊,有人泊下punt在河邊野餐,還自備燒烤爐。見到一個很大的氫氣球(直徑至少70cm),我很想要一個啊,這是我今年生日想要的,懸着氫氣球的punting trip. 那裹還有一個室外茶室。The history of The Orchard started in 1897 when a group of Cambridge students asked the landlady, Mrs Stevenson of Orchard House, if they could take their tea in the orchard beneath the blossoming fruit trees rather than on the front lawn. This practice soon became the norm, and the place grew in popularity. The next phase in the history of The Orchard began when the poet Rupert Brooke took up lodging in the house in 1909. A graduate student of great popularity in the university community at the time, Brooke soon attracted a great following at the place, among them Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes, E.M. Forster, Bertrand Russell, Augustus John, and Ludwig Wittgenstein – the so-called Grantchester Group, or the neo-pagans as Woolf called them.
sometimes my dependence bugs me. esp since it's so paradoxical. 

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今天天氣, 晴.