Friday, May 25, 2012


i totally know, nature will soothe me, maybe just a little, but better than none. this is a new perfect spot in cambridge, shaded by an old oak tree, sunshine sift down through the fresh-grown leaves, brightening patches of purple flowers; as the wind blows, the yellow petals dance in the air and the tranquil part of river cam flows gently by me, so close you can touch it. feeling of incompetence as a friend, a student, a child & an adult; moments of misunderstandings and discouragement, the shivering, troubled and unsettled heart, all those emotions that has to be constantly soothed. sound of flowing water, you are the exact opposite of the disturbed rhythm of my heartbeat.
永遠有不妥協傷口 有些憾事不放手若你太刻意淡忘 越會補不到缺口

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mingwai said...

its true. only nature can heal...