Wednesday, September 29, 2021


小松鼠先生: 今日好緊張呀,返獸醫recheck! 唔係對結果緊張,而係每隻動物去到獸醫都會顫抖,什至好多在門外死唔肯入去。應該係聞到其他動物驚而發出嘅味道。
不過,今日亦有一個好消息。就係我 正 式 成 為 一 隻 有 屋 企 嘅 狗 喇! 

Mr. Pom Pom: Today was not a normal day, I have dreaded to go out for days, and finally my wish was granted.
Momo the resident pom came along, but we arrived at the ANIMAL HOSPITAL where i used to stay. 
Animal hospital is a place with scent of fear, and other animals crying, both Momo and I were shivering big time. 
But there's one good news, my foster family has decided to adopt me!! 
My name is now Doug doug (inspired by my duck like voice) aka 賊仔德德

(貓珊插嘴: 好感動啊。雖然我由始至終都估到,但呢啲嘢亦唔係必然。
同埋覺得死去嘅動物都會wish you open your home to another animal needing a home. 

aiya, 我都係唔好講落去喇,如果唔係佢哋改變主意。

不過小松鼠先生嘅暫託領養人係老人科醫生Dr. K 和非豆腐做護士Monica,無人比佢哋見過更多老病的動物(人也是動物啊)so i bet they know what they are doing hehehee. 

And for now, 小松鼠先生你只係變得越來越靚,差啲令人誤以為你變成另一隻狗。

今天驗血結果整體都改善了很多,但也有一些仍然很高的, e.g.  ALKP 是1184 U/L, norm 係23-212, 但慢慢來吧,小寶貝。)

(Maooshan interrupts: I am so touched :') *tears* even though I predicted this all along, but you NEVER know, until the very last minute, with everything, it's always like this. 
No matter how big a heart you have, adopting an old animal is never an easy thing. 
Especially if you have seen them getting old and weak, experiencing them coughing all night, having epilepsy, or just all type of suffering in general. 
Not to mention that it might get costly (seeing vet) 

Anyway, I should not continue, or else hoomans might change their minds!!
But Dr. K and monica works in the hospital, and Dr. K has been working in geriatric specialty for 30+ years, so nobody knows better. 
(And they are both hoomans I adore, so I will self-invite myself to steal you out all the time) 

AND, pom pom you're only getting younger daily, not older, in fact you have transformed. did they swap you with another dog?! 
Now pom pom with share a home with two old dogs in their "Forest-house" 森林之家)  
Blood results has improved a lot, but far from perfect of course, but still very good. 
ALKP was high, it's 1184 U/L, norm is 23-212) 

小松鼠先生: 你真係好鬼長氣,插嘴一句講咗全段。
Mr. Pom: your interruption lasted so long, nobody is as long-winded as you are. 

貓珊插嘴: 我問dr. k 係唔係全間醫院都知你湊緊呢隻狗。佢話係因為我IG 多人睇(咁即係係)
Maooshan: I translated this as Dr. K has been working in HK for like 30+ years, and our amazing super Sheila, LAP founder too, lived in HK 20+ years, but they both don't read Chinese. 

小松鼠先生: Me neither, I don't read English nor Chinese. 

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