Thursday, March 3, 2022


Anything war can do, peace can do better.
My heart aches and breaks for all those people who were forced to leave their homeland. Even if one fortunately escaped all those attacks and bombs and crossed the border, sadly it'd still be a long and difficult road ahead, think of being uprooted from your home all of a sudden. 

It's miserable to think that, even millions of people were protesting against the Russian invasion on Ukraine, we cannot stop a few people's madness. 

We must continue to reflect, and think of how we can do better, as world citizens. Don't let the helplessness numb us. 

In my high school alumni network, everyday there are Europeans reaching out, offering homes to the fleeing Ukrainians, connecting people, providing transportation information; but also, some who were asking for advice to get their family out of a particular city, but had no ways to do so, two days after that city was heavily bombed. There were also families of three generations with kids, all escaping by foot, not knowing whether they'd succeed.... 

Quoting my Ukrainian friend "War. Day 7. Putler continues wiping out Ukrainians, city by city. First by bombings and shooting, next by humanitarian crisis. I wish everyone to never know how it's when your old relatives have to spend nights in cold shelter, constant sirens, when kids scream they don't want to die... and then they die..." 

Indeed, even if you don't know anyone from Ukraine personally, but the distance between us is really not that big, like they say, all blood is red.

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